Monday, October 20, 2008

Our Children Stand no Chance

I found this website called where you can upload pictures and see what your future children will look like. Curious, I uploaded a picture of me and one of Chad. These were the results:

Apparently Chad and I are going to have the ugliest children ever imaginable. All I can say is please lie when you see them and I ask you, "Aren't they they cutest kids ever!?" Faces only a mother could love...


Shayla said...

hahaha!!! I really did laugh when I saw these. I showed my parents too.
So what is up with the girl having whacked out hair and the boy having fire engine red hair?
Don't worry. I am pretty sure you will have really cute kids.

Courtney said...

Hey Amber. I tried this website our an dholy cow my kids were ugly too! But my kids are not ugly and they really don't look at all like the computer said, you can check out my blog to see. So no worries you guys are soooo cute your babies will be super cute!