Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2nd Block Teaching Placement

For the 2nd block of the semester I will be student teaching in Mrs. Hortin's 3rd grade class at Scera Park Elementary in Orem. I am so excited! Third grade has always been my favorite so I couldn't be happier that I get to finish my student teaching there! I start tomorrow morning and will be there through April 10th... 3rd grade here I come!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Room Decor

This is the first thing I have done to our baby's bedroom to make it look somewhat boy-ish. In the middle are some ultrasound pictures and on the sides are pictures Chad and I drew of our little boy - I think they turned out really cute! I especially like the blue and cream ribbons.

By the way, does anyone have any cute ideas for decorations/themes for the baby's room? I had everything picked out for a girl, but not a boy! :)

The Bump

This is for those of you who want to see what my baby bump looks like. I was about 20 1/2 weeks in the picture. (Don't I look happy to have the picture taken!) I'm not sure why I look so big... I think it depends a little on the outfit I am wearing; this outfit apparently makes me look HUGE!

Ultrasound pics :)

Chad and I are going to be the proud parents of an adorable little boy in about 4 months! :) The ultrasound was awesome! It was so amazing to get to watch our little boy move around on the screen (he's a pretty active little guy), see his heart beat, watch him arch his back and curl up into a ball, try to suck on his thumb, and stick out his tongue!

Here is just a sample of all the pictures we got. Enjoy!

This is the best profile shot we got. He kept moving around like crazy and for some reason wanted to have his face scrunched up right next to me - it was a very difficult picture to get.

My alien baby. :) At one point he turned and looked right up at us. You can really see his eye sockets here.

Here he is showing off his buff little arms. He arched his back and decided to flex his muscles. :)

He was pretty shy during the first half of the ultrasound. Here he is covering up his little face so that we couldn't see him.

And here is the proof you all have been waiting for... 100% boy!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Baby Names

Chad and I each have several names that we like for our baby boy and thought it would be interesting to see what other people thought of them. There is a poll on the right hand side of the blog with the list of names to choose from. Please vote for your favorites and let us know what you think (you can pick more than one, so vote for all of your favorites)!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

My cute hubby is working tonight so we celebrated Valentine's Day last night. At school yesterday my adorable sixth graders decided to make a Valentine's Day poster for my husband and the other teacher's wives. Since Chad was the only boy in the bunch ALL the boys had to work on his poster. I was a little curious as to how an all boy poster would turn out (let's face it, boys aren't as creative or cute as girls), but it turned out great! I got home a little before Chad and was able to hang it up on the wall.

At the very top of the poster are some "love boats." Here is a close-up of one.

For dinner we went to Red Lobster; I ate so much shrimp you would all probably be disgusted. :) Chad was so sweet and brought me home a bouquet of pink lilies and two caramel apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (they are pretty much amazing... you should try one). I would have to say that the best part was being able to spend an entire evening with just Chad and have nothing else that I should be doing.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Countdown Begins

Actually, the countdown started months ago but we're so close I can't stand it. On Thursday, February 19 we are going to get an ultrasound to find out the sex of our baby! Only a week away! Heck yes! It will be so exciting to know if we are going to have a little Carter or a little Laura. Plus, then we will finally be able to start getting baby things. Chad and I both think it is a girl and my dad always asks how his little granddaughter is doing, but I honestly don't care what we are having. I'll be happy as long as the baby is doing fine and things turn out ok in the end. Let's just hope the baby decides to cooperate that day. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

AA = Almost Anemic

I went to the Dr. yesterday and he had the results from all the blood work that was done... apparently I am almost anemic. He said that the range of iron that I should have in my blood is 32-43ish (percent, mg, I don't really know). Anyway, I was only .5 above the very minimum and the Dr. said that if I don't increase my iron level I wasn't going to like what would happen. Now, in addition to taking my prenatal vitamin and other supplements each morning I also get to take an iron supplement. Hoowah.

Maybe this is part of the reason I have been so tired and prone to headaches the past few weeks...