Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hammond's Candy Factory

Who knew that there is a super cool candy factory pretty close to where we live?! We headed over to take a tour and buy some ridiculously overpriced candy on Monday. The kids were more interested than I thought they'd be. I think I could have watched them make the hard candy (lollipops and candy canes) all day; seriously, it was the coolest thing!

Family photo in front of the old school delivery truck.

Kiddos watching lollipops being made.

More lollipop making. It was so neat to watch them work with the candy before it hardened.

Packaging chocolates. We actually bought one of these - cashews and caramel coated in chocolate. So good!

Cute kiddos excited to pick out their own lollipop or candy cane.

Digging in!