Monday, September 27, 2010

A Busy Week

This last week was really busy; I was house sitting/babysitting for a family in our ward, six kids in total (including Cayden)! Somehow in all the chaos we managed to do some fun things and take a few cute pictures of Cayden.

Playing with sticks or "tiss" at the park.

More playing and "Get that outta my face mom!"

We spent a lot of time playing in the curtains at the sliding glass door.

Loves for mama. Such a sweet, sweet boy.

Eating M&Ms and raisins (AKA picking out all of the M&Ms). "I like these Mom!"

Bathtime with Sophia and Isaac. They begged me all night to take a bath with Cayden and I finally caved just to get them to be quiet.

This picture actually isn't from our adventure last week, it's from dinner last night. PB&J and a little bit of pizza. Cayden loved it! (And also made a huge mess with it.) He definitely required a bath afterward.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Almost There!

Cayden is almost walking! And he gets a little better each day. I can't wait until my little man is a pro. :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Few More...

Krysta took some pictures I didn't get while at Bear Lake. I had to steal them and share them with you. :)

My cute husband and boy.

See Dad, Cayden tries to pick his nose. AND he thinks it is funny. Look at that huge smile on his face; disgusting!

Cayden walking off of the dock. He wanted in that water so bad.

Cute boy driving the boat.

Bear Lake, Day 2 (Saturday)

Saturday morning we woke up to a cloudless sky and perfect weather! Too bad we had to leave that afternoon.

Look at that gorgeous water! It was so clear, so blue, so pretty!

Chad's Aunt and Uncle brought their dog Katie up. I was so surprised (based on Cayden's past experiences with dogs) to see that Cayden loved Katie. He wanted to sit right by her all day and kicked and barked each time he saw her. So cute.

Waiting on the dock to get in the boat.

Cayden kept trying to walk off of the dock. Chad thought he was funny trying to help him out.

Cayden didn't get much sleep on our trip and passed out on the boat. Sleeping babies are so precious.

Later on we flew kites on the beach while Chad...

...invented the wheel! Lol. Just kidding. Chad spent some time building a platform for us to walk on to get into the boat without getting wet.

One of the few runs we got in. While Chad and I were out on the boat, Cayden had fun playing with Grandma on the beach.

Yelling "dada dada dada" while we were bringing the boat in. We're still working on mama. Cayden can say it, he just doesn't like to; little turkey.

Playing in the sand. This boy got so dirty. There is no doubt he is 100% boy. :)

There you have it. We had a wonderful time and wished we could have stayed longer. We'll just have to go again next year and hopefully then we can get out on the water more.

Bear Lake, Day 1 (Friday)

Chad, Cayden, and I went up to Bear Lake with Chad's family this past weekend. Friday was overcast, windy, and really cold so we didn't do much more than ride on the boat for a bit. Saturday was perfect weather wise, but we unfortunately had some problems with the boat overheating and only got in a few runs on the boat. Still, we had a great time and enjoyed getting away for a few days. Here are some pictures documenting our adventures (oddly enough, Cayden is the main focus).

Cayden spent a large part of Friday playing with the the boat keys (Chad's dad claims there are permanent bite marks on it) and a pair of heart shaped sunglasses that we found on the beach. I've never been able to get Cayden to keep sunglasses on for more than a few seconds so I've never bought him any... then we found a cheap, girly pair and he loved them. Go figure.

Several hours later... STILL wearing the glasses.


Friday night we went to dinner in town at a "famous" pizza place. (I had never heard of them before, but that doesn't mean anything.) Cayden had fun being the life of the party. We all enjoyed the ginormous pizza!

Cheese face at dinner. Seriously love this little boy.

28" pizza! Holy hugeness! Look at it compared to a normal sized plate. We (the eight of us, not just Chad and I) ate all but five pieces.