Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Yesterday I had a Dr's appointment and one of the first things the Dr told me was that I had failed. (He thought he was being funny because Chad and I are still students.) I was thinking, Failed... failed... failed what? That's when I remembered that I was waiting for the results of my gestational diabetes screening. Oh joy. I had to remind myself that this wasn't a test to see if you have gestational diabetes, but rather a screening to rule out those they knew for sure didn't have it. The Dr showed me the numbers and I found that I was barely over where I should be. Since I didn't pass he told me that I was going to have to go in and do a three hour long test. This morning I went in to the Student Health Center at 7:40am - remember, I had to have been fasting since dinner the night before - and started the dreaded test. I ended up drinking a really nasty tasting glucose filled liquid and then had my blood drawn four times over the course of three hours. Yes, four times and yes, I still hate needles. I find out on Friday whether or not I passed the test...

I also found out at my Dr's appointment yesterday that my iron level is still too low. It is a little lower than last time, but not as low as it would have been had I not been taking iron supplements. Despite this my Dr said I need to start taking two iron supplements a day, one in the morning and one at dinner. Joy, my stomach is sure going to love that. So even though things are going really well and I should be happy that we haven't had any major problems/complications during the pregnancy I still left the Dr's office crying. I'm such a baby.

My New Love

When my family was here last week my mom laughed at how I do the dishes. We don't have a dishwasher so in order to dry the dishes I lay out a dish towel and pile all the dishes on top of it. It takes the dishes forever to dry and even then they are never completely dry. My mom suggested that I get a dish rack for my dishes instead. I thought she was a little crazy, I mean I had never used one and they seemed kinda pointless. Mom ended up buying me one and was the first to use it. Ever since then I have decided I am in love with my dish rack! I swear it takes the dishes half the time to dry and I even think that there are less water spots on them (maybe I'm just crazy). Plus, they are always 100% dry... no hidden water that runs all over me when I'm putting them up. Yay for dish racks!

Monday, April 27, 2009

♪♫♪ It's raining, it's pouring... ♪♫♪

Saturday I took some of the girls from work to Thanksgiving Point to volunteer at Dutch Days. It was raining on and off, windy, and insanely cold. My lips were even starting to turn slightly blue. Despite how ridiculous the weather was there were tons of beautiful flowers! Hopefully this snow/rain mixture we have been getting will go away forever and that the warm spring weather will show up soon! *crossing fingers* Please!

Awesome Week!

This last week was great! My mom and sister Rachelle came up on Wednesday afternoon (a day before the rest of my family) and Rachelle helped me finish mowing the lawn. We spent the rest of the day hanging out, talking, doing a little shopping, and watching movies. Thursday they came with Chad and I to our second ultrasound. We were very happy to find out that the valve in our baby's kidneys that hadn't closed during the last ultrasound was completely closed and his kidneys were functioning perfectly! Yay for prayers and blessings! We also found out that the baby is transverse, meaning he is currently horizontal in my uterus. His head is in the left side of my ribs and his feet are in the right side of my ribs. Hopefully he decides to move before he is born because I am not happy about the possibility of a c-section. :( Oh yeah, and he's a beast. The Dr said that at the rate he is growing he'll be around 9 lbs by the time he is born. Joy.

Thursday afternoon mom, Rachelle, and I went shopping for baby blanket material and then that evening we met up with the rest of the family for dinner at the Pie Pizzeria in South Jordan. Friday was Jesseca's graduation. We had to get up insanely early because her graduation was at 8am and in order to get a decent seat we had to be in line at 7am. After graduation everyone came back to our place where we played games and ate lunch. After lunch and some talking my family had to leave. Sad day. I wish that either they lived closer or that Chad and I lived in Colorado...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Parsley looks and smells like horse food; trust me, I would know. Disgusting. Gag me.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Recent Happenings

This hit me in the face yesterday. My nose is slightly bruised and hurts a lot. Thank you DA girls. :)

This has been lurking around our neighborhood. No more going outside in the early morning or late at night.

This has been lodged in my ribs for the past week. It is getting very uncomfortable and I think I'm starting to get a bruise.

And this is coming to visit in four days! Yay for happiness!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


The "little" present Mother Nature left - 9" of snow. This is so wrong. It's just disgusting. But at least the sun is shining, right?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Third Trimester & Easter

I finally made it to my 3rd trimester! I felt like the 2nd trimester lasted forever and never thought I would get to my third. :) We have 12 weeks left to go and can't wait for our baby to finally get here!

Hopefully everyone had a great Easter, I know that we did. Chad and I ended up going to South Jordan and spent the evening with his family. Dinner was delicious and then we dyed eggs and ate candy. So much fun!

Chad decorating Easter eggs. I just noticed that it looks like he is wearing tinted lip gloss.

One of my favorite Easter eggs. :)

All of the eggs we decorated. We're missing one because Chad ended up eating it.


Friday afternoon Chad and I discovered that Will and Amy were in Utah for the weekend! We ended up going to dinner at the Purple Turtle (a yummy place to eat in Pleasant Grove) and then went bowling. It was a ton of fun and brought back many memories of fun times we had this past summer in LA.

Chad has skillz. (Bet you didn't know one of them was the power of levitation.)

Proof that I finally broke 100! Most of you are probably still laughing at this score, but I was very proud of myself.

251 vs. 198
Proving that Chad and I are superior to Will and Amy. (And this was even after we beat them the first game and Will demanded a rematch!)

Done, Done, Done!

Friday was my last day of student teaching! It was bittersweet as I am glad to be done, but I will miss my 3rd graders horribly. I'm a little bit sad that I won't be teaching this fall; having my "own" classroom the past few months has been so much fun and I want to teach so badly! But, being the mommy to an adorable little boy will be just as fun! :)

I checked with my college the other day and found out that I am cleared for graduation in August. So. Weird. I'm completely done with school (*huge sigh of relief*) and now I don't know what to do with myself until my little one gets here...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Too Young...

One of the bad things about student teaching is realizing that your kids aren't as innocent as you thought they were. For example, today during a writing assignment in which the students were allowed to use markers I discovered one of my boys sniffing the markers. That's right, he was trying to get high off of Crayola markers. And no, they weren't scented. Oy. Aside from the fact that it probably isn't very effective to use Crayola markers, it is really sad to think that a little 9-year-old is already starting down that path. To be completely honest I wasn't all that surprised. This student has an older brother who is a high school dropout and who is into a lot of bad things. Apparently at 9-years-old he is already starting to learn from his brother's example.

After I figured out what the kid was doing I took the markers away from him and banned him from ever using markers in class again (he also won't be getting into rubber cement, permanent markers, dry erase markers, glue, etc.). I tried to not draw any attention to what was going on because I didn't want the rest of the class to see it/wonder what was going on. But seriously, what would you have done in a situation like that?