Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Little Bit of Everything

Here's some of what we've been up to the past month... a little bit of everything! :)

A second round of swimming lessons. Cayden ended the summer in Youth 3 and Laura is in Toddler 2.

Cayden has really impressed us this summer. His very first session was a little rough (it was literally like throwing a cat into water... so dang funny, but pathetic and sad). But somewhere in the three days between his first and second session, something clicked in his head; it was like there was a completely different kid swimming. Cayden is doing fantastic! The exception being when he jumps into the water. I keep telling him to jump in feet first, but he ends up doing a weird lunge thing and ends up belly flopping 95% of the time. It's absolutely hysterical!

Batman joined us for breakfast one morning.

Cayden officially started second grade. I'm so happy that he loves school, though I wish he acted liked he missed me more. :)

Look at how much he has changed since the start of Kindergarten. Also, if you compare where his head is at the start of first grade and second grade... holy cow! That's a good 3-4"!

Building skateboards at Home Depot. Laura kept trying to use it as an actual skateboard (instead of just a toy) and kept breaking the wheels off. She was very disappointed.

This little girl likes tomatoes. No, she LOVES tomatoes. Everyday she looks outside and squeals when she sees tomatoes that look ripe. And she will literally devour any tomatoes you stick in front of her. It doesn't matter if it's a small handful or an entire bowl full.

Don't ask... playing t-ball in a football helmet. No idea what he was thinking.

This is what happens when you're given the entire sticker sheet at church. I can only imagine how bad it hurt to pull all those off. Goof ball.

Grace's second time in the dentist chair. She did great! The first time she didn't let them do much. This time she let them polish her teeth and check everything out! She was the last one in our family to get called back, so she spent the entire time she was waiting asking when it was her turn. Silly girl was so excited for her turn!

Sharing an ICEE three ways. You better believe that thing was gone in no time flat.

We took the kids to tour the new Ft. Collins temple before it is dedicated in October. It was absolutely gorgeous inside, but my favorite part by far were the windows. I've seriously never seen windows so beautiful! I can't wait until it's dedicated so that Chad and I can do some sessions there.

Eating popcicles with cousins.

Look at the Pokemon I caught! I bet you'll never find these ones or any that even come close to their cuteness! ;)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lakeside... It Seriously Still Exists!

Lakeside... it's this little amusement park on the NW side of Denver. As a kid we'd go there every summer after we got our free admission tickets from the library's summer reading program. Well wouldn't you know it, my kids got free admission tickets to Lakeside after finishing the library's reading program this summer.

So for FHE last week we packed the kids up, ate dinner in the car (yes, Chad's car that doesn't have AC because the van was still in the shop), and headed to Lakeside. The kids had never been to an amusement park before so they had no idea what to expect. The verdit... they LOVED it! And they probably would have stayed all night if we had let them.

Waiting in line to get their wristbands. They still didn't know exactly what was going on, but they were excited!

The first ride of the night:

Cayden loved it.

Laura loved it.

Grace... not so much. This picture just kills me!

They finally stopped the ride, let Grace get off, and then started it back up again for the rest of the kids. This is how Grace spent the next little while after the horrendous turtle ride. Hahahahaha!

Cayden and Laura went on a bunch of rides while we tried to convince Grace to try another one.


Loving the twirly thing that would have made me sick.

 Getting brave. :)

Riding the ferris wheel with dad. Chad's face...

On top of the ferris wheel.

Ready for the roller coaster.

Brave front row riders.

After a lot of convincing, we finally got Grace to try a few more rides.

She wasn't so sure about this one...

...but Laura loved it!

The racecars were Grace's favorite ride of the night!

Enjoying the carousel. Laura is such a ham.

This was perhaps the best moment of the whole night. We had to bribe Grace to get on this ride with Chad. I told her if she went on it with Chad that she could have a treat afterwards. She replied (totally straight faced and in a completely serious tone), "OK, but don't kill me." I about died. Chad about died. Everyone in line about died. This girl is a nut job.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

The End of July (Finally!)

Learning about family history for FHE. The kids loved making their own family trees, but especially loved hearing stories about some of their ancestors.

We went up last weekend to visit my family and take the kids to the Candlelight dinner theater. We saw the Wizard of Oz and the kids absolutely loved it! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for inviting us!

Enjoying dinner. Believe it or not, Gracie drank that whole glass of lemonade.

The big kids got to sit with Grandma and Grandpa.

Gracie got to sit with mom and dad. :)

Enjoying a yummy dessert.

This kid. He claims that he is too big for naps. I beg to differ. This is what a late night at the dinner theater followed by lots of playing at Grandma's house does to him. Haha, love it!

Oh yeah, there's also this. Olivia ended up in a small accident last week. To say that we've had a rough couple of weeks would be an understatement. In the span of less than a week Chad was let go from his job, Olivia was in a small accident, and Chad's car ended up in the shop. (A post on all that loveliness to come in the near future. I think.) It's true what they say... when it rains, it pours.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Chad Went Camping... I Was in the Trenches

A few weeks ago Chad took Cayden and Laura on the ward campout. The kids had so much fun getting dirty, eating way too much junk, sleeping outside, and playing with the kids in our ward.

Climbing on rocks.

Playing with friends.

 Playing in the "keep away from bears" box. :)

 Balancing on a fallen tree.

Being a shadow... Chad said that Laura followed this poor kid around almost the whole time. Even though she was probably driving him nuts, he was so patient and kind to her.

Laura being a goober.

Eating blueberries and junk. Blueberries may have been the only healthy thing she ate the whole time.

While Chad and the big kids were having fun camping, Grace and I were at home. I love my bed and being clean, so trust me when I say that camping would have been preferable to this...

Potty training!

Chart #1

Chart #2

Chart #3

Chart #4! This girl is seriously rocking the potty thing! It's been almost two weeks since our last accident and I'm about ready to declare her potty trained! You guys, this is a big deal. I have been buying diapers since the day Cayden was born; I've never had a break. Now, I can enjoy four months of being diaper free before baby #4 arrives. Hallelujah!