Thursday, April 30, 2015

Busy, Crazy, Fun!

April was an absolutely insane month. We moved into our house and have been working on getting settled in. We've been going non-stop, but still have managed to have some fun.

Gracie found Auntie Rachelle's drink and thought it was pretty cool.

Laura and I got matching pedicures; pink with light pink hearts, her choice. :)

My dad sporting a manly apron. Ha ha, I still die when I look at this picture!

This cute dolly loved the Mickey Mouse ears that Aunt Colleen brought back from California.

The weekend that we moved into our house involved way more fast food than I'd care to admit. It also meant lots of playing in play places, which the kids loved.

Cayden's last day at Hygiene Elementary. I was so sad to leave such a wonderful school and teacher, but we lucked out and Cayden has a wonderful school and teacher here as well.

Before leaving Hygiene Elementary, the school took a whole school picture. The close up of Cayden is awesome...

Bottom center, just to the left. Ha! Love the goofy look on his face.

Fun at the park! I was such a good mom and let them get covered in sand and dirt.

The week that Cayden started at his new school, they had a fun run. (Identical in concept to the one he did this past fall at his school in Utah.)

The course - lots of lights!

My cute dollies watching Cayden run. They split the kids up into boys and girls; Laura didn't understand why she couldn't run with the girls because she's a girl. :)

This little dude ran 31 laps in 15 minutes - 30 laps was a mile... Way to go Cayden!
 Cayden was given the Caring Cub Award during his first week of school. His new teacher thought Cayden had done a wonderful job transitioning into his new classroom, showed responsibility, and was an all around great student. So proud of my little guy! This is his third school and classroom of the year and he has handled all the change like a champ. This kid is a rockstar!

Laura wanted to get ready just like mom. I found her pretending to put on make up.

The kindergarten at Cayden's school did a performance called Seamore the Seahorse.

At the microphone saying his line. He was clear and loud and easy to understand.

Swimming out of the gym.

After the performance.

Grandma and Uncle Greg came to watch! Laura and Grace's face... priceless!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

He's Home!

After not seeing this guy for two years, he is finally back! It was so good to see him and talk to him. I secretly wish we were still living with my parents so that I could see him every day.

After picking Greg up at the airport we all went to dinner. The kids were all pretty hungry by the time we got to the restaurant. We captured this gem of Grace - dig in girl!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Happy [Belated] Easter!

We started off Easter weekend with egg dyeing on Saturday. The kids always have so much fun; Gracie even joined in on the fun this year.

Eating the egg, shell and all; way more fun than dyeing it. ;)

Showing off their skills.

Gracie was so fascinated with the whole process.

Coloring and adding stickers to eggs. She had so much fun.

Cute dolly having fun.

Gracie finally managed to pull the shell off of an egg and decided to try it out.

Grace decided that she wasn't a huge fan of hard boiled eggs and gave it to daddy.

Sunday morning the kids discovered baskets left by the Easter Bunny.

Ready for the kiddos.

 The loot. Cayden and Laura really enjoyed the puzzles they got.

It was hard to tell what Gracie liked better, the ball or the candy.

So excited about the candy that she wouldn't let it out of her hand, but she wanted her ball equally as bad. Solution? Hold the ball with your fists. :)

Let the hunting begin!

Cayden was a pro this year. We frequently had to give the girls a head start or else Cayden would have had all the eggs in minutes.

I told this girl to show me what was in her basket and this is what I got. Goofy girl.

She needed some assistance from dad.

It took Gracie a few minutes to figure out what was going on, but once she caught on, she couldn't be stopped. (Sorry for all the pictures of Grace, she was just too cute while looking for eggs.)

We asked Grace to show us what she had in her hand and she ran away while proudly displaying her egg. I call this one 'Egg Ballet.'