Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lots of Fun & Lots of Work

The past few weeks have been so busy with the end of the school year, high school graduations, visiting family and family visiting, house projects, and Memorial Day. We crammed in a lot of fun and a lot of work. I'm secretly hoping that the next few weeks are a little less insane.

We went down for a night to celebrate the twin's graduation from high school. After a few late nights we found Grace passed out like this in the morning. Tired, tired little girl.

Last year Chad completed some training to become Six Sigma Black Belt certified (one week in November and another in December). After the training he had to complete a massive project. He has been working on it ever since and finally completed the project! Chad is now officially Six Sigma Black Belt certified! I'm so proud of him; I know how hard he has worked.

 Cayden (the little stinker) came home one of the last days of school with this picture. He told me it had been in the school art show. Seriously kid?! You tell me after the fact that you have a picture in the art show?! Goober head.

One of the many, many house projects we've recently completed... a mantle for the fireplace! It wouldn't have been possible without a lot of help from Chad's dad. I am absolutely in love with it and the rock fireplace looks better than I imagined! Just to show you how much work and effort it took, look at how they cut the wood to match the contours of the rock. Amazing!

While Chad's family was visiting for the Memorial Day weekend we decided to go hiking in Castlewood Canyon. We did something similar last fall when they visited and the kids remembered and wanted to do it again. We packed everyone up and headed out. It was a relatively short hike, only two miles of moderate difficulty, but the kids loved it! They were troopers and hiked the whole way, slips, falls and all! We may have to try and go hiking more often.

Entertainment on the way down.

Laura decided that her and Grandpa needed to switch hats. It didn't last very long.

My kids thought they had to climb on or inside any rocks they found. Some were pretty dang big and they scaled them like no big deal.

My little mountain goats. They didn't want to come down.

More climbing on top of rocks. I love this kid's pose. What a goof!

Some silly faces before attempting to go inside the rock.

A little worried about going inside the rock... but they did it!

We saw a pretty good sized bull snake while hiking. Gracie said it was "scary".

 Oh my goodness, what a sassy pants! This little girl was bound and determined to hike without the help of anyone. She absolutely refused to hold a hand. I was actually impressed that she made it up the last little bit, it was quite steep and the steps were almost up to her waist. Still, she refused to get any help. I'm sure her strong will and stubbornness will serve her well later in life. These pictures though! I can't get over the face and crossed arms.  We stopped and offered to let the people behind her pass, but they were thoroughly enjoying walking behind Grace. Love my little ornery girl.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Snapshots of Our Wonderful Life!

We live a pretty good life. Actually, we live a great life! It's really easy to get overwhelmed with life and all the things that don't go the way I have planned. But when I have time to sit and think about it, my family and life are fantastic and we are hugely blessed. We are so, so lucky and I need to remember that more often. So as a reminder to myself, here are some snapshots of our wonderful life!

Auntie Rachelle had a break between the end of the semester and her internship and came home to visit. She and Grandma came down to play one day (lucky Cayden skipped school and did fun stuff instead!).

Cayden got really low and stuck his bum out every time as he tried to line up. We all died laughing each time and the poor kid didn't know what was so funny.

 Laura's turn!

Laura was Grandma's little buddy the whole time.

This little girl loves bowling and was quite proud that she beat her big sister. :)

The aftermath of bowling, "nap time." Doesn't look very relaxing to me.

Bubble fun. I think Grace eats more bubbles than she actually blows, oh well.

Other fun shenanigans...

Eating ice cream and check out that mouth! This girl goes all in.

Having fun playing on the chair stacker.

Cayden holding my cousin's baby. So dang cute!

Eating the first watermelon of the season.

We finally set the trampoline up for the summer and the kids were so excited. To say that they have been living outside would be an understatement.

My Gracie girl's first braids! And that face... holy stink!

How to eat sprinkles that fall off your doughnut - lick and slurp.

Now that it's warmer outside we have been walking to the bus stop to drop off and pick up Cayden each day. There is a little park right by it and we frequently head down there early to let the girls play before the bus comes. (Laura usually rides her bike and refuses to take off her helmet while playing at the park. Whatever floats your boat.)

Having so much fun she just can't stand it!