Friday, August 31, 2012

Oh. My. Cuteness.

Laura rolled all the way across the floor to play by Cayden. And Cayden... instead of freaking out about Laura touching his toys, he actually shared them. Love these two to death!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Dentist

We visited the dentist this week. Cayden has had "happy visits" before (two actually), but has never had a real cleaning. The dentist (and whole office, really) we go to is great with kids, but I don't want to push Cayden and make him afraid. I wasn't sure what was going to happen this visit, but after I got my cleaning Cayden hopped right up into the chair and told the dentist that it was his turn. I thought for sure he would start freaking out once they actually started cleaning and polishing, but he did great! His favorite part was when Mr. Slurpy (the suction tube thing) sucked all the water out of his mouth.

My brave little buddy.

When the dentist came to check our teeth, Cayden decided he wanted to help. They put gloves on his hands and even found a pair of those weird glasses (the ones that look like they have mini binoculars attached to each lens) for him to wear. Then the dentist started checking my teeth and Cayden was right in there with him. Silly boy. I was so glad the dentist and assistants were so good with him. Unfortunately, I was holding Laura in my lap at the time and so I don't have a picture to document his goofiness. You'll just have to imagine a cute little boy wearing over-sized latex gloves and goofy looking dentist glasses. Still cracks me up to think about it.

I am so glad that Cayden doesn't seem to be afraid of the dentist. He talks about going again and seems really excited to go back. I got lucky and dodged a potential bullet on this one. :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Water Babies

Last weekend we took the kids swimming. We went to the Lindon Aquatics Center, which I think is the perfect place for little kids. I wish we took the kids swimming more often, but it can get expensive so we only go a handful of times during the summer. Cayden was pretty wary of the water the first hour we were there, but after taking a break and having a snack of M&M's he was ready to go and LOVED the second hour. I would have loved to stay longer since Cayden was having so much fun, but Laura was getting fussy and it was time for naps. We'll have to see if we can squeeze in another trip before the summer ends. (It's not looking too good though, things are pretty packed!)

My littlest water bug. She loved the water and was so relaxed and content sitting in the floaty.

See... relaxed. :)

This was before he started having fun in the water. I was trying to convince him he was safe and that mom wouldn't let him sink. Goofy boy. No idea where this fear of water comes from.

There we go. He finally decided it was fun.

Army crawl. Love the tongue hanging out.

Going down a slide on the pirate ship. He thought this was the coolest part.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Corn & Carrots

Cayden has never really taken an interest in eating corn so when we eat it for dinner I usually cut some off of the cob for him and consider myself lucky if I get him to eat a small bite or two. This past Sunday we went up to Chad's parent's house for dinner like we always do on Fast Sunday. Along with dinner we had corn on the cob so I took half an ear and cut the corn off. To my surprise Cayden inhaled the corn and asked for more. After eating one bite of everything else on his plate I took another half an ear and cut the corn off. Once again Cayden inhaled the corn and asked for more. This time I told him he had to eat everything on his plate and then he could have more corn. Just a few minutes later Cayden had eaten everything on his plate and asked for a "big corn" (i.e. the cob of corn, not the corn cut off the cob). Assuming that everyone knows how to eat corn on the cob I gave Cayden some corn and went back to eating. I glanced over seconds later to see how he was doing and discovered him gnawing on the cob of corn like you would a carrot. I quickly explained and showed him how to eat corn on the cob. Cayden did much better after that, but still managed to take several more bites out of the cob. Gross.

Just an FYI... don't assume that everyone knows how to eat corn on the cob. :)

All the corn Cayden ate.

Close up of the ear he gnawed on. See that huge bite out of the cob on the left (and the upper right too for that matter)?!


Laura started "real" baby food this week (something other than rice cereal). So far she seems to be doing great! I found that if I thicken up the baby food with a tiny bit of rice cereal she has a much easier time eating it. So, without further ado, Laura's debut with carrots.
 This is actually before the carrots, but I just thought she looked so cute!

"What the heck?!" Love this face!


I don't think it has even occurred to him that there is a difference between "boy" and "girl" accessories. 
Secretly, I'm glad. I don't want him to ever not do something because it's a "girl" thing.