Friday, September 30, 2016

(A Lack of) September Fun

I officially dropped the ball in September. I didn't take very many pictures which means one of two things... either we didn't do anything fun or we were so busy having fun that I couldn't be bothered to take any pictures. We'll just assume it's the latter.

Just quickly looking through the pictures that I do have, be prepared for the Gracie show. Apparently this little girl is dang cute or something. ;)

Cute girly cousins from when Grandma and Grandpa Higgins and Uncle Eric, Aunt Carly, and baby Rowan visited.

These two drive me nuts with their arguing sometimes. But on this particular morning walking to the bus stop they were holding hands and being so cute with each other. Maybe there is hope.

Cayden's second grade school picture. He is looking less and less like a little boy. I might be biased, but I think he's pretty dang handsome.

Speaking of school, here is a picture of Cayden's heritage project he spent weeks working on. He gave a presentation all about Ireland, one of the countries that his ancestors came from. I think he did a great job on his project!

After eating every tomato that she could get her hands on all summer, this little girl still isn't tired of them. Grandma and Grandpa Bird brought a huge bag full of tomatoes down for her and she ate every single one. (Seriously though, her cheeks in the second picture. Have you ever seen a kid gorge themselves on tomatoes?! Hahahahahaha!)

 Enjoying a yummy treat - dirt.

Grace really liking her dirt.

Grace is such a little mom. She takes good care of her baby and brings it everywhere. Everywhere, literally.

Enjoying the slide sans baby. (Her baby apparently made it hard to climb up the slide.)