Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I Can Do 'Man' Things Too

Chad's tie this past Sunday:

Yes, I tied it. Yes, I am just that awesome! (Chad attempted to do it, but it turns out I was much better at it.)

My inspiration.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Kids Would Live Outside if They Could

With the warmer weather we have been playing outside a lot! At least twice each morning Laura brings me her shoes and asks to go outside. If it were up to my kids, we would live outside. And since my kids are so dang cute, we always have to take some pictures, so enjoy.

We found this fun little baby tricycle at the park. Wish we had one!

We've been eating lots of popcicles. Now every time we go outside my kids think we need popcicles.

Mom and both kids going down the slide together. We got stuck halfway down.

Laura going down the slide by herself like a big girl!

Climbing up the slide with mom's help. This is Laura's new favorite thing to do at the park. She doesn't get very far on her own.

Hiding! Cayden found a jump rope at the park and spent the whole time pretending it was an elevator. Nutcase.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Five Little Monkeys

We are soon to be a family of five little monkeys! (More like two big monkeys and three little monkeys, but you get the point.) Coming November 2013, baby #3 will be joining our family! We're excited, but also a little nervous. Three is terrifying to me. Not only will I be outnumbered when Chad is gone to work, but even after he gets home we're still outnumbered. Here's hoping that this little baby is one calm little dude. Or dude-ette.

Finally! A Wedding!

 Last weekend this cute couple got married!

It's about time too! Chad and I have been the only married couple for the past 6 1/2 years. It was fun to be able to spend the day in the temple with them and celebrating at the reception afterwards. Congrats Eric and Carly! We are so excited that you are finally married!

 Somehow, we didn't get a single picture of Eric and Carly the whole day. The only picture I've got is this one of Carly (and I didn't even take it!).

Amidst all the picture taking at the temple afterwards, we got some cute pictures of our little family and the kids. (But really, they are mostly of Laura cause Cayden was off running who knows where.)

My cute family! Ah! Love them.

Running around and playing at the temple.

Peeking through the temple gates.

Both kids were exhausted by the reception. Little to no naps and lots of go, go, go will do that to you. Grandma H was trying to calm Laura down, but she wasn't having any of it. Is it bad that I think this little sad face is cute?

A little bit happier here, but she was on edge most of the reception. She's still cute though. :)

Proof that Cayden was there. He passed out in the car on the way home from the reception. Usually when we try to move him from the car to the house he wakes up. This time he didn't. He slept this way for a while on Grandma's couch. Tired little dude.

Friday, May 10, 2013

For Sale and An Old Telephone Booth

Laura has been a bit of an on and off pill lately (i.e. for the past month). After one particularly rough night we decided we had finally had enough.

She's 20% off list price too! What a bargain! ;)

And Laura thinks we're just kidding.


We went and got some gourmet hotdogs the other night and Cayden found this old telephone booth inside the restaurant. I think both kids would have been content to sit and play in it the rest of the night.

Cayden loved it! He asked if we could get one for our house.

Laura liked it too.

A Graduation Adventure

We had another graduation in the family. This time it was Chad's brother, Steven. He graduated from the University of Utah and so in order to avoid all the downtown traffic/parking issues we decided to ride the TRAX up to the University. Cayden was in train heaven and Laura really enjoyed it too.

Yay Steven! My favorite part of the picture? The guy on the right. :)

This is what Laura did for most of the graduation. Her naps were a joke all day and resulted in an overly exhausted baby.

We did a lot of waiting getting to and from all the places we went. And at each and every TRAX station Cayden was so excited waiting and watching for the train. This kid is so cute!

Getting a little tired. Grandma Higgins got Cayden this Thomas the Train activity box to keep him busy during the graduation. He loved it and carried it around with him the rest of the day. Cayden kept calling it his suitcase and would randomly set it down on the sidewalk and then immediately pick it back up as we were walking. I have no idea what he was doing.

Riding TRAX was a great idea. It made the day a whole lot more exiting and enjoyable for Cayden.

And this is how we kept Laura entertained... Carly's waterbottle. Laura would push the button just to see the top pop open. She did it over and over and over, but at least it kept her happy while we waited.