Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Blah" Remnants

January has been a "blah" kind of month for us - coming off of holiday highs to cold, early, dark mornings... way too much snow... snow... more snow... trying to get back into routines and failing miserably... getting the flu and being completely knocked out for a week... I vote that we get rid of the month of January entirely. Despite feeling somewhat "blah" all month, we have had some fun here and there. I've posted most of it already, but here are the remnants of the fun we've had during this "blah" January. :)

Ha ha! Love these two kids. I have no idea what they were watching, but Laura pulled herself up to watch with Cayden. (No, we don't let them watch TV this close. But it was too cute and I had to get a picture.)

This girl has awesome hair. And it leads to awesome bedhead. I love getting her up from naps to see what her hair is going to look like. This bedhead is hands down the best I've seen yet.

Visits from Uncle Greg. Cayden and Laura love having him come over! Laura is modeling Greg's hat here... a hat he actually wears?!?! He doesn't wear pants, but he'll wear a goofy hat. Love that kid. :)

Celebrating Uncle Greg's birthday! We're going to miss him when he leaves on his mission in May. (Xalapa, Mexico... so excited for him!)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gym Class

Since the end of September Cayden has been going to gym class every Friday. I'm not actively trying to teach Cayden gymnastics, but it has been helpful in teaching him to listen and follow directions and it has helped him become more confident. A few weeks ago the kids did a mid-season showcase to show off some of the things they have been learning the past few months. Cayden was quite the ham and still thinks he needs to say 'TA DA!' after he does something.

Coming out of a roll.

Using the springboard to jump onto the foam blocks. Now the kids are working on jumping and landing on their feet instead of their knees.

Doing flips on the high bar. Cayden never would have done something like this four months ago.

My little monkey. Cayden tries to do lots of flips and things at home now.

More flips.

Being a goof on his favorite thing at the gym. Cayden loves the rings and would spend all day playing on them if he could.

Being a cheeser and posing for Mom.

Playing on his second favorite thing at the gym, the air mat.

While Cayden was showing off his mad skills, Laura had fun crawling around and getting into mischief. She wanted to do everything the big kids were doing. Maybe when she gets a bit older I'll have to enroll her in a gym class. :)

Laura was sitting on the air mat as it filled up. She thought it was pretty cool.

Crawling around on the floor while watching the kids.

Trying to climb back on the air mat.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Over the weekend Chad took Cayden outside to play in the snow. They started out building a fort and ended up sledding. Cayden loved it! I went outside to check on them after about an hour and despite the fact that Cayden's nose and cheeks were bright red, there was snot running all over the place, and he was freezing cold he refused to come inside.

Now to be completely honest, I think that this was the first time Cayden has ever played in the snow. Seriously. I don't think we've ever taken him out. Before this weekend he had never built a snow fort, or a snowman, or gone sledding. Ever. (Sadly, Cayden STILL hasn't built a snowman. We might have to fix that.) I guess Chad and I get the "bad parent of the year" (or years...) award. Regardless of the fact that we've been slacker parents, Cayden loved sledding and playing in the snow. Laura... not so much.

The snow fort Cayden and Daddy built. I think Chad was more into it than Cayden.

Yay for sledding! Laura had no idea what she was getting herself into.

Laura and Daddy on the way down.

By the time they got to the bottom of the hill, Laura had decided she wasn't a fan of sledding. Maybe next year. :)

Cayden was a much bigger fan of sledding than Laura. Chad and Cayden went out a few days later and built a mini jump on this hill. The first time Cayden went off it, he totally wiped out. He had some sort of road rash/snow burn on his face for the rest of the day.