Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Random Busyness

We've been pretty busy this past month. I think we've finally settled into a routine with Cayden being in Kindergarten and the girls like having some mommy time while Cayden is gone. I've found that I really enjoy running errands with just two kids; it's funny how that seems so easy now that I have three. I finally completed some of the projects I've had sitting around, but unfortunately, there are still more to do. Here are some of the random things we've done that have kept us pretty busy.

I've tried to take the kids to the park when it's warm enough. We won't have many of those days left until we'll be stuck inside all winter. Gracie is just a little too small to enjoy the park (unless there are swings, and then she'll happily sit in the swing the whole time) and so she gets to hang out with mom while the big kids play.

When we can't play at the park we go to a play place! And we eat ice cream too! I love all the kids in this picture. It seriously captures each of their personalities.

Cayden had Wig Day at school. We don't have any wigs, so we made a weird hat/beard thing which he absolutely loved! When I dropped him off at school one kid in his class pointed out that Cayden had a beard and he was just tickled.

One of my projects. This is our art wall. I got tired of not having anywhere to put the pictures and drawings the kids made, so I put this together. Yard sticks, clothes pins, and paint. Voila! I love it and it turned out even better than I expected! (Btw, this picture doesn't do it justice. The lighting is weird. It just looks way better in person.)

Another project. I had a bunch of tomatoes (way more than we could use before they went bad) so I decided to can them. I learned how and then made my own crushed tomatoes. It turned out that I had way more freezer room than space for cans, so I opted to freeze the tomatoes. Now I have them to use in my soups, sauces, etc.

The first thing I made using my crushed tomatoes! Holy amazing! I could not believe how much better it tasted using my own tomatoes versus canned. I'm going to be so sad when I run out of tomatoes. And yes, this is before it was actually cooked.

We went down to visit our old ward one Sunday and had dinner with our good friends. I seriously miss where we use to live. It has been almost a year and a half since we moved, but I think I will always miss the area and people we left. It was the first place that really felt like home since Chad and I got married and I think it will always hold a special place in my heart. 

The kids had a blast playing with their buddies, though sadly I only have pictures with my kids. I didn't get any with Sienna or Lucas in them.

The kids had a blast driving this little buggy. Laura was a riot when she was driving by herself. If it wouldn't have started raining I doubt we would have gotten them back inside. And if you look closely, you'll notice that Laura is wearing only a diaper and an apron.

Laura loved riding on this old tractor. It was loud and ugly looking, but this kids all loved it.

There was a lot of play dough playing. I love Laura's outfit here. And Cayden's face. :)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fun Run

Cayden's school had a Fun Run today to help raise money for the school year. Cayden was so proud that he raised $30, asking for donations from family. After getting donations, the kids did a Fun Run through an obstacle course (well, they actually did it over and over for about 10 minutes) and then got treats afterwards. The girls and I went and cheered Cayden on. Laura actually got in on the fun and did the Fun Run too.

Cayden and Laura weaving through foam noodles. Laura got to the end and pulled the noodle out of the ground. Oops.

Hula hoops. Laura never actually got it around her waist. She just held it and rocked side to side for a bit before moving on to the next obstacle.

Ball pit. Laura completely missed the point of the ball pit; she spent all her time there picking up the balls that bounced out and fighting her way through a crowd of running kids to put them back.

Hay bales. I love Cayden's action shot here.

After the Fun Run was over the kids all lined up to get treats. Laura was quite distraught that she wasn't in line too. (Whether that was because she wanted to be with Cayden or because she wanted treats too, I don't know.) I love this picture of my kids. Laura talking to Cayden, Cayden smiling and not being bossy, they are holding hands... just melts my heart.

Cute boy eating treats with his class afterwards.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Zoo and the Museum

Recently we visited the Hogle Zoo and the Natural History Museum of Utah. Having never been to either I didn't know what to expect. They were fun and we enjoyed them, but I think that I was spoiled growing up being so close to the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The zoo and museum in Utah both pale in comparison to the ones in Denver! Denver's are just so much bigger and therefore have more to see and do. For example, we went around the whole Utah museum in about two hours. The Denver museum would take all day and even then you still wouldn't get to see everything. Still, the kids had a blast and would love to go back and visit both again!

Sweet baby excited and ready to go to the zoo!

The kiddos and Uncle Eric riding a lion. Laura's favorite part of the zoo were all the cats. She squealed when she saw each one (lion, tiger, lynx, sand cat...) and called them all "kitties" no matter their size. Oh, and she also meowed at them. Ha ha!

Playing the drums and wearing cool shades while waiting for the elephant show to start.

The WHOLE family (minus Grandpa) at the zoo. The elephant behind us made noises that kind of freaked out the kids.

After the zoo we all went to lunch at Red Robin. While waiting to be seated the kids found a TV inside the floor. They were fascinated by it, especially Gracie who just wanted to sit there and bang on the glass. :)

If you ask the kids what their favorite part of the museum was, they'll tell you it was the dinosaurs! We went through the dinosaur area twice.

Laying inside a dinosaur footprint. I love the look on Cayden's face and Laura just looks so cute!

Digging for dinosaur bones and digging in the sand. Cayden said that the digging was his second favorite part of the museum.

Gracie got up close and personal with some animals. I thought it might freak her out being so close and on the same level with the animals, but she was more intrigued than anything.

Riding horses.

Wearing the funny hats they made at the museum. Grace cracks me up; she was trying so hard to get that hat off her head and looks like a goober in most of these pictures.

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Letter B

Today is brought to you by the letter B. We played with bubbles and made bugs. :)

Gracie loves bubbles. I really like the picture of her laughing at the bubbles.

We made bugs! (AKA caterpillars)

And a bug hotel, complete with a sunroof.

Eating their food.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Evolution of A Nap

Naps at church can be rough. :)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten!

Today was Cayden's first day of kindergarten. I seriously can't believe that my little boy has gotten so big! I may have cried off and on all day (and randomly throughout the week leading up to today), but I love him to pieces and don't want him to ever leave me. He just needs to stay little and stay at home with me forever. I guess I should be glad it's only for a few hours each day. Next year when he is gone all day will be horrible.

Love him! He was so excited to go to school! Once he got there he was a little nervous and kept snuggling up against my leg. At least he let me hold his hand and give him hugs. I dread the day when he's too big for that.

Riverside Elementary. Laura had to be in the picture too. And yes, she is wearing pajamas, has shoes with no socks, and wild hair. :)

Lined up and ready to go in! He looks so little and so big at the same time. Someone stop my baby from growing up!

 And one more because his face is just the best here. Love him!