Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sealing & Temple Day

Yesterday Chad and I had the opportunity to go up to Salt Lake and see Lacey (the little girl my Aunt and Uncle recently adopted) be sealed to her family. It was such a neat and special thing to see; we're so happy for them.

My Aunt and Uncle's cute family.

While the family was taking pictures we took the time to snap some pictures of Cayden (Greg, you can stop harassing me now). Here are some of my favorites of our sweet little guy.

Family shot. Love them both so much. (It was ridiculously windy!)

Playing with 'CAUTION' tape.

Getting tickled by Aunt Jesseca.

I can't tell you how much this little boy loves his daddy. It is so cute!

This would have been a really cute picture, except for the tape in the middle of our faces.

Love this little face! (Sorry Erin, I know you hate this picture.)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last First Day of School

Chad had his last first day of school today. Yay! A year from now (August 2011) Chad will graduate with his bachelors and we're just a little bit excited! Doesn't he look thrilled? ;)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pobre Mailman

Earlier today while I was enjoying a break during Cayden's nap I heard the mailman pull up (he has a very loud truck). I waited until I heard him pull away and went out to get our mail. As I pulled our mail out of the mailbox I looked around the neighborhood and witnessed the following...

The mailman leaned out of his truck to put mail in our neighbor's mailbox. Somehow during this process he slipped and in an effort to prevent himself from falling he grabbed the steering wheel (he must have also released his foot from the brake). I should note that in our neighborhood there is an empty lot that was turned into a mini park; there is a big grassy area, sandpit, and basketball court. The next thing I knew the mailman's shoe flew off and the mail truck was racing down the street and onto the empty lot. It flew down the hill (though it was probably going no faster than 15-20mph) and came to a stop when it slammed into a shed. The shed was knocked off of its foundation and now has a wonderful hole in the side of it.

Here you can see the empty lot and the truck at the bottom. The truck came from just to the right of my red Honda, jumped the curb, and flew down the hill.

A close up of the truck. They actually backed it up a bit here so they could assess the damage to the truck and the shed. Too bad I didn't get a picture of the truck actually in the shed. Darn.

Thankfully there weren't any parked cars in the path of the truck. Thankfully all the kids playing at the park were over in the sandpit and on the basketball court, not playing in the grass like they frequently are. Thankfully the mailman only ended up with a big scratch on his leg.

Pobre mailman. I also feel sorry for our neighbors who own the lot/park and are out of town this weekend. A shed knocked off of its foundation with one smashed in side is not a very nice welcome home present.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Some Fun Pictures

Here are a few random pictures from our camera as well as some pictures from our picnic and play time at the park last weekend.

Playing in the banana chair at Gma's and Gpa's. Cayden thought it was really fun to tip all the way backwards.

Cayden clearly loves the swings!

I think it looks like Cayden is trying to eat Chad here. And yes, Chad is sitting on top of the baby swing.

Swinging with mommy on the big swing.

Love that smile!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Captain Destructo

I feel like all Cayden does lately is destroy things. He goes from room to room tearing apart, emptying, leveling, pulling over, and breaking things. The past few victims: my cheese grater (ripped in two) and Chad's PS2 (thrown on the ground and played on top of, we're lucky he didn't break it).

Here is the newest casualty...

No, not nasty peas or poo (Chad...). It's a jar of pesto sauce. The jar that I JUST bought at the store.

Cayden was able to play in it and picked up some of the broken glass before I got to him. I'm just glad that he only ended up with a little tiny cut on his finger and didn't need stitches. In addition to being Captain Destructo, Cayden is also an escape artist. After wrestling a band-aid onto his finger he pulled it off in seconds. I put another band-aid on and wrapped duct tape around it; once again Cayden pulled it off in seconds. I never thought I'd see something duct tape couldn't fix... I stand corrected.


Today has been a long day. I'm so ready for bed.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Boating... The Adults

Here are some pictures of everyone but Cayden from last Wednesday. Some of these are too funny so I had to post them even though they might be embarrassing. :)

Chad made it look so easy! ...Until he crashed and burned on the rocky beach. He still has some nasty bruises almost a week later.

I never quite got up on the water skis. We'll just have to go again soon so I can practice more. However, I really enjoyed the tube.

P.S. Don't try to get out of the tube by leaning forward. You WILL fall out.

Loved Chad's mom's face in this one. Hee hee hee.

Right before Steven flew off the tube. I wish I got a picture of him mid air.


Last Wednesday Chad took the day off of work and we went boating with his family. I have not been on a boat since I was little and went with my extended family to Lake Powell; after last week I decided that I seriously need to own a boat some day. It was SO MUCH FUN!

Cayden is totally a water baby. Unless you randomly throw him in the water to see what he does... apparently he needs to get used to the temperature before he gets in completely.

Before we left. See his shoes Grandma!

Getting used to the life jacket. It took Cayden a few minutes to figure out how to sit up in it without tipping over. Lol.

First time out on the boat and he loved it! Cayden would have stayed on the boat all day if I'd let him.

Playing with the flag. I love how the life jacket squishes his cheeks up.

Wearing Uncle Steven's glasses. In the past Cayden hasn't left glasses on ever, but I think he decided that they actually helped him see.

Playing in the tube with Grandpa. He loved it so much that we pulled him behind the boat in the tube for a little bit...

He liked it a lot better in daddy's lap than on his own.

See... Cayden definitely doesn't like being randomly dunked in the water.

Having fun driving the boat!

Sweet boy loving the boat!