Monday, January 30, 2012

Matchy Matchy

Chad and Cayden get matching ties every Christmas and it just so happens that Chad's tie this year came with a matching pocket square. Just so our little girl won't feel left out when daddy and big brother are matching, I took the pocket square and made a bow for her hair.

Holy cuteness. Now just imagine if she has red hair. So cute!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dancing Machine!

Cayden loves to dance and recently discovered that the pulsating light on Chad's phone makes dancing even more fun! Unfortunately, the moment Cayden realized we were recording him he stopped dancing so the video is pretty short. Cute, but short. The kid is a turkey.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Mini Anniversary Trip

Last week we celebrated our 5th anniversary. Months ago we decided that we wanted to do something a little different this year (aside from the typical going out to dinner) and planned a little mini vacation to Salt Lake. Some of you are probably thinking, "Big deal, Salt Lake" but honestly, all I wanted was to get away for a few days without the munchkin. We ended up dropping Cayden off with Chad's family on Friday late afternoon-ish and got back early afternoon on Sunday. Two nights, almost two whole days - it was perfect!

We stayed downtown and had a blast doing fun things and also just bumming around doing nothing. I wish I had more money to plan things like this more often. ;) Friday we went to dinner at Chipotle (I was dying for some since there isn't one close to us) and then hung out at the hotel. I loved just taking a bath and reading a book without a kid to worry about! And someday, I will have a tub again. Saturday we went to a movie (Sherlock Holmes) and went all out on snacks/junk for the movie - way fun! We squeezed in some shopping and then bummed around the hotel again until we left to have dinner at the Melting Pot. Holy goodness. I still can't believe how much I love their cheese fondue and I don't like cheese! We had planned on going to Temple Square to look at the lights and take a carriage ride around downtown, but I was completely pooped from the day and my feet hurt. Instead we opted to hang out at the hotel again, reading books/doing nothing/watching the ball drop and then finally crashed just after midnight. Sunday we took our time getting ready and then left to go pick up our little guy!

The whole trip had the perfect balance of planned activities and down time. I loved it! And you know what was one of my absolute favorite parts?! Knowing that I could go to bed and get up WHENEVER I WANTED! By Sunday I was missing Cayden terribly, but I wouldn't hesitate to plan something like this again. It was good to get a break from Cayden and it was good for Chad and I to have some time to ourselves. Who knows when that will happen again.

I did manage to take a few pictures to document the trip, so enjoy! And don't be too jealous that we had a blast! ;)

Anniversary flowers - pretty!

At the movie theater. Sherlock Holmes is such a good movie; you must go see it. P.S. I don't think I've ever splurged on snacks like that before at a movie... kinda fun!

At dinner.

Dessert = delicious! Only surpassed by the cheese fondue. Seriously.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pretty Pretty Princess

Getting ready today I overheard Cayden talking/playing.

"My princess."
"Oh, nice princess."
"My play princess."

Curious as to what exactly playing princess meant I came out to see this:

Cayden decked out in true princess attire.

*** For the record, I have NEVER played princess with Cayden and didn't encourage this (not that I stopped it either...). I have no clue where he got the idea to play princess. Oh, and don't tell his dad. ;)