Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Pumpkin

Chad and I carved our pumpkin last Sunday and just now took a picture (sorry mom!)... Consequently he has slowly started shriveling up and is missing some of his teeth. :) Just for the record, he use to have two fangs on top (all you can see now are two little nubs). Apparently old age came very quickly for him. Also, we named him "Count" because we think that he looks like Count from Sesame Street.

Happy Halloween!

Love, Cayden

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Cayden had his first rice cereal tonight. I was a little worried that he wouldn't like it, but to my surprise he loved it! I couldn't seem to get it in his mouth fast enough. He kept tying to grab the spoon and bring it to his mouth - so cute! We'll see if it helps him sleep better. *fingers crossed*

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cayden's New Tricks

In the past few days Cayden has learned a few new tricks:
  1. Blowing raspberries. When he does this spit flies everywhere because his lips are so slobbery; Cayden finds this very funny while I do not.
  2. Doing pull ups on the toy bar of his bouncer. Cayden grabs on to a toy on each side and pulls himself forward into a sitting position. Chad says he's trying to make his guns bigger. :)
  3. Rolling over! I've only seen him do tummy to back and he seems to prefer his left side over his right, but at least it's rolling!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Cayden and I spent last week in Colorado. We had a great time and it made me miss Colorado even more! Someday I will move back. I just have to. Cayden slept on the plane on the way out (lucky me!) and then spent the week being spoiled by my family. We did a lot of fun things... shopping, playing, soccer games, and just hanging out. I can't wait until we get to visit at the end of December; Chad will even be with us this time!

Cayden wasn't sure what to think of Grandma at first, but he quickly decided he liked her. I love his face here!

Playtime with Aunt Colleen. Look at those cheeks! They remind me of a squirrel storing nuts for winter.

Grandma spoiled Cayden and gave him his first french fry which he licked to death. I'm assuming that means he liked it. Chad thinks that Cayden looks like a smoker here.

Cayden loved having a "real" bathtub! He really enjoyed kicking and splashing... until he tried to drown himself. ;)

Cayden decided it was fun to chew on Grandma's finger. He seriously was chewing on it like a dog would chew on a bone. He even made some of the same noises.

Playtime. Cayden has gotten very good at pulling the purple ring in his lap off of the strap it hangs from. I reattached it right after I took this picture at which point Cayden pulled on it so hard it flew off and smacked him in the head. He got his first boo boo - poor boy!

These two pictures show Cayden's true feelings about being at Uncle Greg's soccer game: anger and "I could care less."

Cayden also decided that Grandpa wasn't too bad. He really liked all the songs Grandpa made up and sang to him.

We had lots of nakey time which Cayden enjoys way too much. These pictures just make me smile! And would you check out those thunder thighs! Holy cow.

Mittens & Playing Outside

I bought Cayden mittens the other day because he chews on his hands and they always end up freezing when he's outside for long periods of time. Here are the mittens...

I love them! They are puppy dogs and on the bottom they have little orange tongues. So. Cute. We've actually used them a few times this week and they work great. Cayden tries to eat his hand while wearing them, but quickly gives up after discovering that he can't get to them. Silly boy. :)

Today while raking leaves I took some pictures of Cayden. He is getting very good at holding his head up and smiles more every day. I love this boy!

I love the string of drool you can see from his mouth to the burp rag.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Two Minutes

Two minutes. That's how long it took Cayden to poop in his bath water, pee on daddy, and then poop in his nice, clean bath water again! My little boy has talent.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

♪♫♪ Leaving on a jet plane... ♪♫♪

And we're off! Cayden and I are on our way to Colorado for the week and I'm so excited (so is Cayden but he doesn't show it very well). I'm going home to this:

And apparently this too:

Fun stuff! The only thing that could make this trip better would be if Chad were coming with us. We're going to miss daddy a lot! :(

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Want!

I love this necklace! It would be so fun to have one with a "C" for Cayden. Of course I would want a different type of chain, like a normal one. (I'm not a huge fan of the ball chain.)

Or maybe one like this with Cayden's whole name. And don't forget his birthstone too. So. Cute. On second thought, just the initial... I like it better. But, the whole name is cute too. :)

Here is the link to the website just in case you want to look around.

P.S. My birthday is in a few weeks. *wink wink*

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Smiles and Giggles

Cayden is starting to smile and laugh all the time. It is so cute! I've been trying to get it on video for awhile, but whenever I pull out the camera Cayden stops what he is doing - the little toad. :) Anyway, enjoy what little bit I got and please ignore the sounds I make. (Put a baby in front of anyone and I swear they will sound like an idiot.)

Oh, and Chad thinks that this picture is hilarious. Clearly it is posed. Poor boy.

For Real?

While Cayden has gotten much better at keeping his poo in his diaper, sometimes it still manages to leak out. When it does... oh man it's a mess! I read this the other day and two things crossed my mind:
  1. I wish I had known this earlier.
  2. For real? Does it really work?
But really, I'm wondering, does it really work? Has anyone tried it? Cause it if does I'm going to build a clothesline in my living room.