Thursday, July 22, 2010


We finally pulled out the little pool that Cayden got for his birthday. I was a little nervous about it after our last pool experience, but he surprisingly loved it!

Are you ready? ...

Best. Picture. Ever.

And here is a little video for you enjoyment.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Colorado Trip: Random Fun!

I have a ton of pictures from our trip to Colorado that just don't seem to fit in a post all their own. The result... a really random picture post! Yay!

Watching Super Why! and playing with Tickle me Cookie Monster, two of Cayden's new favorite things.

Drinking Grandma's juice and getting in trouble after spitting it out on the floor and himself.

Wearing daddy's hat and drinking out of his new big boy sippy cups! Love, love, love this boy!

Stealing some of Uncle Greg's ice cream treat. Cayden didn't like it at all. ;)

Stink face!

Playing in Grandma's room and watching the ceiling fan.

Nakey time! We had a lot of this while in Colorado. Cayden has decided that not wearing clothes is a lot of fun. And I love the rolls on his legs!

Cheese face!

Love this little pouty face.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Colorado Trip: Fireworks, Bubbles, & Kitties

My mom ended up saving a few of the fireworks from their 4th festivities for Cayden since he didn't get to do any at home. He wasn't sure what to think, just stared and stared. We tried to get him to hold one of the sparklers, but he was a little too scared. At least there wasn't any screaming. :) And by the end of the night Cayden got brave enough to hold on to a sparkler if mommy was helping him. Cute boy.

A little wary at first, but then daddy had to keep him out of the snakes!

"Look at those mom!"

We took Cayden outside to play with bubbles one afternoon and Fabio happened to be out there. It turned out that Cayden was way more interested in Fabio than the bubbles and Fabio was more interested in the bubbles than Cayden. Cayden spent much of the week chasing my parents poor cats and actually came close to catching them a few times. Funny thing was that he could sit right next to them, but if you tried to get him to touch the cats he would freak out. Silly, silly boy.

A kitty!

Proof that Cayden was way more interested in Fabio than the bubbles...

...and that Fabio was way more interested in the bubbles than Cayden. :)

P.S. I think Cayden might actually be allergic to cats. We'll have to see what happens the next time we visit.

Colorado Trip: The Zoo

On the coolest day of the week (though it was still ridiculously hot) we went to the Denver Zoo. It has been so long since I have been to the zoo and I forgot how much fun they were. Cayden was pretty tired, but was so enthralled with all the animals that he only took a nap when we stopped for a lunch break. He was so well behaved and couldn't get enough of the animals. It seems that Cayden has three favorite animals... cats (lions, cheetahs - you name a cat, he likes it), bears, and monkeys/gorillas. Cayden was so excited by the gorillas that he was crawling his way out of the stroller and ended up licking the gorilla glass. Eww, I know... I'm still trying to not think about the germs... I so don't get his gorilla obsession.

Some of Cayden's favorite kitties.

I loved how this baby giraffe was eating. Cute.

A relative to the giraffe? Not sure I agree.


Going for a ride with Uncle Greg! Poor boy looks a little drugged - he rubbed sunscreen in his eyes making his face and eyes bright red for most of the morning.

This little guy was so cute! He walked down to the water to get a drink and was only a few feet away from us.

Cayden loved these little monkey things.

I made the boys all jump to see how they compared to each other and the animals. Chad and Greg jumped about 10' and Connor was about 8'... I think.

Colorado Trip: Trampoline & Water Balloons

While we were in Colorado this past week Cayden and Chad enjoyed some trampoline time. Cute boys.

Kinda scary, but Cayden loved this!

The boys also had a water balloon fight. Somehow I got roped into filling them, but didn't get to participate. Hmm.

Wet boys! I think Greg's bum looks huge here. Lol.

Cayden enjoyed watching the water balloon fight from the safety of indoors. He thought it was really funny when the boys threw a balloon at the door and it exploded. Cayden laughed so hard!