Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy (late!) Easter


I've decided that holidays are way more special and fun with little kids around.


We kept Easter pretty low key. Cayden woke up to a basket that the Easter Bunny left and we spent the afternoon and evening with Chad's family eating delicious food and dyeing eggs. Fun, fun, fun.

Discovering chocolate filled eggs with a 'just woke up' face.

Blowing bubbles with daddy.

Puzzles! He is already quite good at them and loves the animal puzzle best.

Fun eggs. We are currently not lacking protein in our diet.

A Visit to Grandma's

Cayden and I took a much needed break from reality and went to visit my mom last week. We had a blast! If it weren't for the fact that Chad was back in Utah I probably wouldn't have come back. Cayden was completely spoiled, had all the attention any kid could want, and ate way too much junk. :)

Rides in the doll stroller.

First ice cream cone; he loved it!

Llama rides at the museum.



Chocolate bunny.

Loves for Uncle Greg.

Playing outside and "looking for Dad" (that's what he said).

Wearing mommy's shoes.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cayden's Adventures

This past Saturday was very eventful for Cayden. The morning started out with Cayden grabbing my flat iron - resulting in some blisters on his poor hands - and falling off a kitchen chair and landing on his head. Poor boy. After such a traumatizing morning Chad and I decided that he needed a night out. (Or maybe it was me that needed a night out...?)

We ended up going to Provo Beach. Provo Beach kinda reminds me of Chuck E. Cheese except that it is boardwalk/beach themed. It has the little games you play for prizes, but also has play areas for toddlers and kids, a ropes course, bowling alley, mini-golf course, carousel, and other fun things that Chuck E. Cheese doesn't have.

Cayden had a blast and was sad when it was time to leave. In total I think we spent $5 and Cayden ran around and played for hours!

Playing in the toddler area. Too bad there is a net blocking most of his face, but what you can see of his face is quite happy.

Riding the carousel with daddy. The carousel was by far his favorite thing of the night.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


While watching Conference this afternoon Chad and I overheard Cayden saying, "Mmm!" We quickly turned to see what was so yummy and discovered...

Cayden had discovered my stash of Cadbury eggs and attempted to eat one wrapper and all! Since he had already started on it I felt bad taking it away and allowed him to eat it (but without the wrapper and with help from daddy).

This boy loves him some chocolate!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Because He's So Cute

We took some pictures of Cayden a couple of weeks ago while we were getting ready for church. He is just too dang cute! Oh, and yes, he is wearing a tie and no shirt because he had just dumped Chad's water bottle all down the front of his shirt. We convinced him to take the wet shirt off, but he refused to take off his tie. Silly boy.

Auntie R-Dizzle

This is what happens when Auntie R-Dizzle comes to visit...

We play inside the bike trailer and with hairbrushes.

We wear dresses and play with VS bags. (Seriously, should I be worried?)

We stick bowls on our head and green beans in our ears.

Basically, we have a lot of fun!