Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yay for Happiness!

Since they are announcing it I thought I would as well. My younger sister Jesseca is getting married! They haven't set a date yet and I don't even know the whole story... but they are getting married! Yay for happiness!

The couple.

The ring.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Saturday was AWESOME!

I had so much fun on Saturday! Shayla came and picked me up and we headed to the beach. We went to Hermosa Beach (hermosa means beautiful, which it was) and loved it! We spent several hours there and I ended up falling asleep on my back for 2+ hours. My back is still pretty red and sensitive... oops!

As I was getting back from the beach, around 5 pm, I got a call from Chad saying that all the guys were coming home early because of a tech strike. Haha. With Chad coming home early we decided to go see The Dark Knight. The theater we were headed to was in North Hollywood and somehow on the way we got lost. So even though we didn't get to go see a movie we got to drive all around Hollywood. We drove past a hotdog stand called Pink's. I have been told that if you are in Hollywood you have to go to there because everyone goes to Pink's - all the famous movie stars anyway. The line to get a hotdog was blocks long... no joke.

When we got back to LA we grabbed some dinner and then went to Best Buy to purchase a new digital camera! Hoowah! (Below is a picture of our camera... the exact one we bought!)

Aside from playing around with it, we haven't done much with it; I am dying to go somewhere just so I can use our camera. Not to worry, when my mom and two of my sisters come to visit in two days I am sure it will get plenty of use.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I cleaned the bathroom today. As I was sweeping the floor I noticed the broom getting wet (the bottom of the bristles were wet and everything was sticking to them). I leaned down to investigate and smelled something weird. Now I'm not 100% sure what kitty pee smells like, but I am pretty sure that I had swept my broom through a puddle of kitty pee. I'm not sure how or why Weechee decided to pee on the bathroom floor; she is litter box trained and hasn't gone to the bathroom anywhere aside from the litter box since we got her fixed.


Wouldn't you think it was kitty pee if you found a funny smelling puddle on the bathroom floor? Especially if it was right next to the litter box? Gross. Just plain gross.

First (and last!) Day Knocking

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to go out and knock with the guys. I was pretty excited to go and was getting anxious as they took their time going about their business. I didn't have any Pinnacle shirts so I sported a Pinnacle hat and was ready to go!

Chad and I knocked together for the most part - I know absolutely nothing about the system and so once I get past pitching the customers I don't have any idea what to say! I am quite proud of myself... we got into a lot of doors and I did a lot of the talking/getting people interested. :) Chad even said that more people were willing to listen and were more interested simply because I was there (I think being a girl has something to do with it). Here is a picture of me knocking on a door... I didn't always look this excited at every door.

We ran into some very interesting people; there are three in particular that I remember distinctly. One was a man who was deaf. If you think door to door selling is hard, try selling something to a deaf guy. He was actually very friendly and nice, but it took three times as long to say something because Chad and I don't know ASL and we had to write everything down! Another was a little boy who I think was a high functioning autistic. He tried so hard to get me to go play video games with him. Lol! The last was a really grumpy woman. We knocked on her door and no matter what we said she kept saying over and over that she wasn't interested. Chad was a bit persistent and she almost slammed the door in our face. Some people make me laugh.

As fun as it was talking to people, I decided not to go back out today. It was ridiculously hot until about 6pm. You had to drink a lot of water to keep yourself from becoming dehydrated - not that I don't like water, but after you drink that much you really have to go to the bathroom which by the way is like a mile away. I decided that laying out in the sun is a much more effective way of sun tanning than walking around knocking doors. :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Guess who's...


That's right, my hubby is a quarter of a century old! His birthday was actually on Sunday so we went out for his birthday dinner on Friday. He chose to go to Red Lobster since he loves seafood and I never ever cook anything seafood related for dinner; fish just kinda freak me out.

We both enjoyed the evening and were extremely full by the time we left. :) Sidenote: this picture shows my new haircut. The cut is pretty much the same, but the length is about 5" shorter. *GASP* Sadness.

We celebrated on Sunday with presents, birthday cake, and ice cream.

Chad received 2 12-packs of Mountain Dew as well as Mountain Dew cups to drink the Mountain Dew with. (That boy and MD... I don't think I will ever understand.) He also got Coldplay's newest CD and renewed his BMWCCA membership. He was quite a happy camper.

Here is Chad with his fantastic German Chocolate cake that I made! It was very delicious! I cheated this year and bought the number candles because I didn't want to light 25 single candles for two reasons: 1) it would have taken a while to light all those candles and 2) I didn't want wax all over the cake which most surely would have been there after lighting 25 candles.

It was a fantastic day and we enjoyed celebrating his birthday together!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

L - O - V - E

I typically leave the house before Chad each morning giving him plenty of time to clean the bathroom, do the dishes, start the laundry, etc. (I wish!) This morning, however, he was up to something quite different. I came home for lunch and found little notes all over the apartment telling me how much he loves me! My husband is so stinkin' cute and I think I am the luckiest girl ever!