Monday, March 30, 2009

Just Call me Dr.

There was five minutes left of school today and my kids were cleaning up the classroom and getting ready to leave. (Who would think anything could go wrong...) I was also cleaning up and saw one of my students trip on a chair and fall on the ground. No big deal right? I went back to cleaning and suddenly found the boy who fell standing next to me sobbing. I quickly discovered the reason for his crying. This had broken off of and lodged itself in his knee:

Yep, the tip of a pencil - all the way up to the black line - was stuck inside my kid's knee. Yuck. I was thinking, Tough luck kid. Tell your parents when you get home. It was honestly really disgusting. But, he looked like he was in a lot of pain and I felt bad for him. With my quick problem solving skills (and with the help of a pair of tweezers) I was able to squeeze and pull the pencil tip out of his knee. We cleaned it out and put neosporin and a bandaid on it. He did cry while we were taking it out, but in the end said it felt much better. By the time he left school it was as if nothing had happened.


CHECK. I passed the Dr test and now I'm ready to be a mommy. :)

New Favorite: Mint KitKat

My sister-in-law recently got back from London and brought these amazing things home with her! Mint KitKat's are perhaps my new favorite candy bar... too bad I haven't found them anywhere near where I live (or even within the United States really). I guess Chad and I are going to be making some expensive craving runs while I am pregnant. :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Double Digits and More!

I made it! I have less than 100 days until the baby is due! Wahoo! Things are going great and we feel so blessed to have made it this far without any problems - we just hope it says that way. My back does hurt from time to time... actually, it hurts most of the time. Our little man likes to have late night parties in my stomach and so that makes sleeping difficult sometimes, but it's worth it. I am just so excited for him to come and pray that he is healthy!

Student teaching is going great. I took over all the teaching pretty much from the beginning. I've done that for four weeks and only have two left until I am done! I am excited to be done, but at the same time will miss my kids. My third graders are amazing and always make me laugh. A few weeks ago we were reading a book as a class called Once Upon a Marigold. It is quite a good book and all the kids loved it! It's about a princess who falls in love with a servant in the castle. The princess and the servant hugged at one point and to be honest, my class immediately erupted in chaos! Third graders apparently can't handle any physical contact between boys and girls (I suppose it's a good thing). Amidst the comments of "ewww" and "gross" one little girl piped up and said, "You know, there's a little somethin' somethin' going on!" I was thinking, Are you kidding me?! One of my third graders said what?! The kids quickly got over their disgust and began laughing. And no, this is not the end of the story... One little boy then turned to me and said, "Mrs. Higgins knows what a little somethin' somethin' is because she's pregnant!" Oh. My. Goodness. Thankfully most of the class was still laughing from the previous comment and so I don't think they heard what he said. However, for the next few days I was worried that someone would go home and tell their parents that Mrs. Higgins taught them about the birds and the bees. Oy. I've decided that kids are hilarious.

I know you all have been wondering, and yes, I did pass my TWS! I PASSED! Clearly, I'm not excited at all. *sarcasm intended* After who knows how many hours of writing that darn thing it's done and apparently I am smart enough to be a teacher. My BYU professors told me that after I was done with the TWS I would be so proud of it, that it would be my baby and I wouldn't want to ever get rid of it. Well, I am proud of it. But I honestly would rather burn it than look at it right now. :)

Chad has been really, really busy with school and work. He got sick about a week ago, but it was over his spring break so he didn't miss much. Thankfully he is feeling much better. He has about a month left of school (4 1/2 weeks-ish) and then he will be able to enjoy a nice break. Things at work are finally starting to look a little better too. :) They have been short staffed for a while and so Chad has had to pick up a lot of the slack. I don't see him a lot normally, but the past two months or so I have seen him even less. However, he just hired a new employee and it is rumored that he will be getting a MIT for his store sometime this coming week. Yay! That will be so nice for him, he deserves it.

Well, there you have it folks. Life is busy, insane, and full of fun!

Friday, March 27, 2009

26 Weeks

So I'm almost 26 weeks and am thinking that I can't get any bigger, but my mom and others assure me that I can. :) Anyway, for those of you who have wanted an updated baby bump picture, here it is!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

THE Crib

Chad and I (actually, it was probably more me) decided to get rid of the white crib and get one we really loved. Here are pictures of THE crib for our baby! :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our Newest Addition

I'm talking about a car, not our baby (he hasn't come yet). This last week Chad and I bought a 1998 Honda Passport. It has 4-wheel drive making it great for the snow. We got a great deal on it and it is in amazing condition! We are so excited to finally have a good family car! Here are the pictures for those who have been asking for them.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Baby Stuff

Last night Chad and I set up the crib and bedding for our little boy. It was fun and I'm so excited to actually have a little one using it soon. :) Here are some pictures of the bedding - I think it is adorable - and the crib. Keep in mind that the crib was given to us from someone in our ward and I still haven't decided if I want to keep it. I am not a huge fan of white and would rather have medium/dark brown, but I decided to set everything up and at least give it a chance to grow on me. Who knows, maybe I'll decide I like it. (Plus, it was free and you can't beat free!)

The colors are white, tan, brown, light blue, and blue. The bed skirt is brown, tan, white, and light blue striped with little white polka dots on the light blue. The sheets are light blue with little white polka dots and the comforter and bumper pads are white with big polka dots in all the colors. When I first saw it I fell in love with it and had to have it for the baby's bedroom.

This has nothing to do with the bedding, but here is the first article of clothing we have for our little man. Yesterday at the Dr's office one of the nurses gave it to us; it's a gray baseball beanie. Adorable!