Sunday, July 31, 2016

The End of July (Finally!)

Learning about family history for FHE. The kids loved making their own family trees, but especially loved hearing stories about some of their ancestors.

We went up last weekend to visit my family and take the kids to the Candlelight dinner theater. We saw the Wizard of Oz and the kids absolutely loved it! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for inviting us!

Enjoying dinner. Believe it or not, Gracie drank that whole glass of lemonade.

The big kids got to sit with Grandma and Grandpa.

Gracie got to sit with mom and dad. :)

Enjoying a yummy dessert.

This kid. He claims that he is too big for naps. I beg to differ. This is what a late night at the dinner theater followed by lots of playing at Grandma's house does to him. Haha, love it!

Oh yeah, there's also this. Olivia ended up in a small accident last week. To say that we've had a rough couple of weeks would be an understatement. In the span of less than a week Chad was let go from his job, Olivia was in a small accident, and Chad's car ended up in the shop. (A post on all that loveliness to come in the near future. I think.) It's true what they say... when it rains, it pours.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Chad Went Camping... I Was in the Trenches

A few weeks ago Chad took Cayden and Laura on the ward campout. The kids had so much fun getting dirty, eating way too much junk, sleeping outside, and playing with the kids in our ward.

Climbing on rocks.

Playing with friends.

 Playing in the "keep away from bears" box. :)

 Balancing on a fallen tree.

Being a shadow... Chad said that Laura followed this poor kid around almost the whole time. Even though she was probably driving him nuts, he was so patient and kind to her.

Laura being a goober.

Eating blueberries and junk. Blueberries may have been the only healthy thing she ate the whole time.

While Chad and the big kids were having fun camping, Grace and I were at home. I love my bed and being clean, so trust me when I say that camping would have been preferable to this...

Potty training!

Chart #1

Chart #2

Chart #3

Chart #4! This girl is seriously rocking the potty thing! It's been almost two weeks since our last accident and I'm about ready to declare her potty trained! You guys, this is a big deal. I have been buying diapers since the day Cayden was born; I've never had a break. Now, I can enjoy four months of being diaper free before baby #4 arrives. Hallelujah!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Utah 4th and Lots of Other Fun!

For the 4th of July we made the trek to Utah. We visited with a lot of family and friends and crammed a lot of stuff into one week. It was a super fun, but super exhausting week. There were more nights than I care to admit that we adults (as well as the kids) went to bed well past midnight. Some highlights from the trip were: going to the Stadium of Fire concert where Tim McGraw was headlining - that man puts on a great show, 4th of July festivities that included a neighborhood parade and fireworks, birthday celebrations, watching Finding Dory, going on motorcycle rides, and hiking.

Grace (and Cayden) kept themselves entertained with these binoculars during the Stadium of Fire. For as long as the night was and considering how late they all stayed up, they did great!

Part of a dance routine.

Proof that I was there. :)

Cutie girl enjoying the show.

Being silly - it was Laura's idea.

The fireworks after the concert were great! They lasted about an hour, but I think I could watch them all night.

Every year my in-law's neighborhood does a 4th of July parade. This year my kiddos got to ride a tractor in it. Here's Grace waiting for the parade to start.

Riding IN the tractor. They loved it!

Some of the parade favorites.

After the parade there's always a breakfast. The kids wasted no time diving right in. Too bad I didn't get a picture of Grace flipping over backwards off the bench and shooting yogurt everywhere.

My 4th of July cuties. Trying to get a decent picture of three kids is just plain ridiculous. These are the best we got.

Riding home from the neighborhood breakfast on a scooter. Grace was so cute and tried to help Chad push the scooter. (Look at her little leg up in the air!)

We celebrated these goofball's birthdays! 

Cayden requested a Star Wars cake for his birthday. I had this really cool idea to make lightsabers out of candy and put them on top of cupcakes. In theory it was a great idea. The problem was that it got too hot before we ate the cupcakes and the lightsabers melted. It would have been perfect if I had put them on the cupcakes just before we ate them. Oh well, if I ever get another chance I know what to do differently. Despite floppy lightsabers, I still think the cupcakes turned out way cute!

Love these birthday boys!

 The birthday list Cayden made for everyone - a blue light up lightsaber, a watch, Legos, a remote control car and helicopter, toy money, a toy bow and arrow, a mask. :)

Cute kiddos enjoying sparklers. Grace kept chasing Cayden with hers. If it weren't for the fact that what she was doing was slightly dangerous, it would have been hilarious.

Reading to, playing with, and loving on baby Rowan.

All the cousins reading stories with Grandma. Super cute!

Hanging out after watching Finding Dory.

Spaghetti face! The girls happily ate tons of spaghetti!


and coming back from a motorcycle ride with Grandpa. Grandpa said that Laura squealed and laughed the entire time and loved when they drove fast.

Cayden and Gracie opted to just ride around the block.

We went on a hike one day and the kids loved it! Cayden seemed to have endless energy no matter how steep and Grace was determined to walk every step of the way all by herself. Not a single kid complained or asked "Are we done yet?" They are great little hikers!

Just some of the gorgeous views we saw. It was seriously beautiful! And the temperature was perfect! Sunny, but cool with a slight breeze. Absolutely fantastic! I would love to go again!

Goofy kids playing around after the hike. They still had so much energy!