Thursday, November 7, 2013

Welcome Home, Elder Higgins!

Chad's brother just got home from his mission in Wisconsin! We were able to go meet him at the airport and surprise him as he came down to baggage claim. It was super fun to see him after two years and while he has definitely grown spiritually he is still the same old Brian that we remember. Laura had never met Brian before and wasn't too sure of him at first. Cayden didn't remember much of Brian as he was only two when he left.

In preparation for Brian coming home we showed the kids pictures of him and told them a bit about him so that they could recognize him and feel comfortable around him. Cayden has a little cousin named Bryant and he can't keep the two names straight. Sometimes he calls his cousin baby Bryant and sometimes it's baby Brian. And same for his uncle; it's uncle Brian sometimes and other times uncle Bryant. Silly boy. He'll figure it out sooner or later.

Picking Brian up at the airport! Brian loves funny hats so we all picked out hats to wear when we got him. The funny thing was that Brian had his own goofy hat easily accessible in his bag and was able to wear one for the picture as well. I guess that proves how much he likes weird hats. Notice in the picture that Chad is wearing a pink, sparkling tiara and Laura is wearing an army hat. I bought the hats with the intention of Laura wearing the tiara and Chad wearing the army hat, but Laura obviously had other plans.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Mornings

One of the very best things about a 1pm church time are the lazy Sunday mornings we get to have. We can take our time getting ready and just spend time together as a family. This morning was no different and the kids looked so dang cute all dressed up for church that we had to take some pictures.

Cute, cute kiddos! They look so grown up to me.

There was a lot of sibling love! This is proof that they do love each other when I question it later on. :)

One of this sweet, sweet girl.

They were both clearly tired of taking pictures, plus it was snowing outside. We had to go out and investigate.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

4 Wheelin'

This is how we shop for groceries at our house...

Way more fun than riding in the cart. :)