Saturday, February 28, 2015

February - Start to Finish

Selfie time with Auntie Rachelle. I love Gracie's pose.

Lunchtime picnic!

Dress up! Lately Gracie wants to wear either a princess dress or her winter coat all day; sometimes it's both.

This girl had an owie on her lip and asked for a bandaid. I told her that if I put one on, she had to keep it on all night. You know what? She totally kept it on!

Pretending to be a kitty.

Using the back massager to get a bum massage. Clever girl!

Having fun in the first snow storm since moving to Colorado.

This girl seriously loves snow.

More snow fun. The kids loved sliding down into the snow.

Homemade heart shaped cinnamon rolls for Valentine's Day! So yummy!

This boy got his name put up on the school bus. He was pretty excited about it.

Crazy hair/clothes day at school. Cayden wore his shirt backwards, two mismatched shoes, and had black and silver hair. 

A school creation. Cayden was pretty proud of it.

Trying to get into the room where daddy works from home. That face!

Cayden got some new glasses. He picked them out and loves that he can see so much better!

Poor girl with a gash on her head; twirling like a princess can be brutal. ;)

Much happier after a visit to the Dr.

Laura was so brave at the Dr's office so we stopped by the store to pick out a treat. This little nut picked blueberries... for a treat. What a goofball!

Sweet sibling snuggles.

Cayden built a monster truck at a Lowe's Build and Grow clinic. Laura lost the privilege because she pooped in her pants. Yeah, gross.

Gracie loves sitting in this green beanbag chair. Anytime she is upstairs she makes a beeline for the chair. Cute girl.

Burning some energy at a play place. They had a blast.

This little one loved the toddler slide. And the french fries (which she carried around in her hands the whole time).

More proof that this baby LOVES food. She's getting pretty good with a fork too.

Monday, February 2, 2015

This Man

Bragging time! I haven't gotten around to this yet because we have been so busy, but I am so, so proud of this wonderful man!

 This one right here! Hot stuff! :)

Chad just graduated with his Masters of Science in Information Systems from the University of Utah. He has worked so hard the past year and a half; it has been long and hard and frustrating. There have been lots of late nights, lots of weekends spent at the library, and lots of time away from the family. The kids got so used to Chad being gone that they are still surprised when he comes home from work every night.

While I'm not so sure that I'd willingly relive the last year and a half, I'm so glad that we did it. Going back to school wasn't easy, especially with three kids, but it was worth it. I'm so excited for this next phase of life! I think the kids and I could get use to having Chad around. Congratulations honey, I'm so proud! I love you!

 Officially official!