Sunday, November 30, 2014

Two Little Princesses and A Prince

This is what the kids (though mostly Grace) have been up to lately...

Practicing being a blow fish. Grace is a nut and always looks for this lid for this very purpose.

Climbing into things. If you can sit in it, guaranteed this little girl has.

Being nakey...

...and sporting granny panties! I have never seen anyone so excited about granny panties in my life!

 Drinking chicken broth. I was making stuffing and Laura came in to steal bites. She grabbed the can of chicken broth and took a good swig. She made the most disgusted face and told me, "I don't like that water." I about died laughing as I explained that it wasn't water. She responded with, "Then I don't like that orange juice." 

Bundling up to pick up Cayden from school. We brought all the necessary things - coat, hat, gloves, boots, and baby. :)

Trying to get past the gate. Grace discovered she could get past the gate by moving the end. Then mom got smart and tied the bottom to the tv stand so it couldn't move. Grace was not pleased.

 Achieving our "dry all night" goal! Cayden had to wake up dry every day for a month and finally did it! He has been so close for the past three months (he only had one morning where he woke up wet in August, September, and October) and finally did it. His prize was a Lego set. We are so proud of him and Cayden is beyond excited. I guess he is now 100% a big kid.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Let Her Eat Cake (and Pizza, Pancakes, Hash browns, Eggs, and Grapes)

This sweet thing is one!

I can't believe it's been a whole year since this sweet, sweet baby joined our family. Gracie didn't come on my timetable, but I'm sure glad she is part of our family. Happy, happy birthday baby girl!

The day was pretty normal, except that Gracie got to eat lots of her favorite foods - pizza, pancakes, hash browns, eggs, and grapes. She was a very happy and very full baby. Then of course there was present opening and cupcake eating.

The birthday baby ready to eat her birthday dinner. She had one little round belly afterwards.

Unwrapping her presents. She tried to eat some (wrapped and unwrapped), but was mostly interested in climbing on the pile. Grace didn't quite get the point of presents. I guess we'll just have to forgive her; she can try to redeem herself at Christmas. ;)

Girly cupcakes for my little princess.

She wasn't too sure about the singing. Cayden and Laura were pretty excited about Grace's birthday and sang to her many times throughout the day.

Cupcakes! This little girl tried to dive right in before we had even lit the candle. She wanted that cupcake! Gracie gave a nod of approval after the first bite and then proceeded to cover herself in chocolate cake and bright pink frosting.

Almost grabbed daddy!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Our Halloween

I know, I know... Halloween was over a week ago. And it's November. But, better late than never. Right?

The day before Halloween we went and watched Cayden in his school costume parade. He just might be the cutest Cat in the Hat I've ever seen.

Later that afternoon we went to a little lunch/party with some mommy friends of mine. Here is Cayden playing Pin the Leg on the Spider. The kids had a blast and full blown meltdowns happened when it was time to go home; proof that they had tons of fun and were completely worn out. I don't think Laura has ever been so beyond reason in her life.

My cute crew on Halloween. I think their themed costumes turned out so cute! 

So excited to go Trick or Treating. They lasted longer than I thought they would this year and brought back quite the haul.

Laura couldn't get to the doors fast enough, she was so excited!

This is how Gracie went Trick or Treating. She laughed and giggled almost the whole time - she really enjoyed herself.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

(Long Overdue) Family Pictures!

I get to Visit Teach a wonderful sister in our ward. My kids love her home - now that Cayden is in school we visit her in the mornings and he can't come, much to his dismay - and I want to be just like her when I grow up! Seriously. (But she's not some ancient grandma. In fact, she's not that much older than me.) Anyway, she does photography and needed to update her portfolio and asked if she could take pictures of our family. In exchange for the use of the pictures for her portfolio, we got a cd of the images for our own use. Free family picures?! Heck yes!

Jackie did such a great job! She captured each of the kid's personalities in the photos. I absolutely adore every single one! I seriously can't choose which ones to print, which I guess is a good problem to have.

Sorry in advance for the picture overload. Like I said, they are all my favorite. :)

Love this silly, goofy, drive me nuts boy!

My sassy, feisty, totally stubborn, sweet girl.

How sweet is this little face?!

All of my kiddos!

Love, love, love this family of mine!

I was so glad Jackie got some cute pictures of Cayden and Laura; I feel like all they ever do is fight.

Me and my Gracie babe. Love this sweet little person!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Gracie Show

As I was looking through the pictures we've taken this past month, almost all of them (with the exception of two) are of Grace. Why? Maybe because she's the baby? Or because she's so darn cute? Anyway, welcome to "The Gracie Show" with very brief appearances made by Cayden and Laura.

Backyard BBQ at Grandma's and Grandpa's. Gracie was content to just sit and play away on the blankets.

Laura had fun playing with Aunt Carly at the BBQ. She might look like she's screaming, but really, she was having fun. (Laura's brief appearance #1.)

This is Grace's new spot. She has become a climber and climbs on everything! No joke. The fireplace, inside the kitchen cupboards, the stool in the bathroom, the big dump truck... I swear this girl is going to kill herself.

Gracie and Daddy selfie. :)

First time with pig tails! They just might be the cutest little pig tails ever.

We picked Cayden up from school and had a picnic lunch at the park. These cuties played for hours and didn't want to go home. (Laura's brief appearance #2 and Cayden's one and only sighting.)

Gracie hung out in the stroller with me while the big kids played. Love her goofy little face.

My little window washer. :)

Gracie's first time actually playing at the park! Check out that tongue! She had so much fun.

Gracie had a lot of fun playing with the pumpkin before we carved it.

She even tried to eat it. Grace bit several chunks out of the stem and I literally had to pry them from her mouth. Must have tasted pretty good. ;)