Sunday, April 17, 2016

Bipolar April & Some Randoms

Once upon a time it was the middle of April and springtime in Colorado. Overnight mother nature decided to play a cruel, cruel game and dump 18" of the wettest, heaviest snow I've ever seen. It snowed for over 24 hours. Yuck, yuck, yuck. The only good thing is that my lawn will love the moisture and my kids have spent countless hours out playing in the snow. I think living in Utah for 10 years made me forget just how bipolar Colorado weather can be.

Chad built a hill in the backyard for the kids to sled down. They loved it! Cayden didn't always make it down successfully; I love the happy look on his face mid crash.

Going down backwards...

...and with a friend. This worked surprisingly well.

Gracie just liked climbing up and down the hill. Cute little stinker.

She did enjoy a few runs down the hill though.

We celebrated owning our home for a year by going out to eat. (Any excuse to not cook, right?!)

At dinner I was the designated cup holder. Grace is so spoiled!

Cayden is entering one of my favorite phases... missing teeth! Kids look so cute (and somewhat goofy) with all those missing teeth, but I love it! Cayden has lost five teeth, only two of which have grown back in. Love his toothless smile. :)

Grace enjoying a cakepop at a wedding reception.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Spring Break... Woo!

Spring break was this past week. We had planned on doing a staycation, spending some time in Colorado Springs, but with the yucky weather we stayed at home and tried to do some fun things here. We hit the zoo, took the kids to a movie, and went bowling. We also played with friends and took the kids to lunch. The kids have gone to bed tired each night, so I think we succeeded. :)

 Grace loved this "big kitty" and insisted that he meowed, not roared.

 I'll be honest, it was pretty big. Like the biggest tiger I've ever seen.

Taking a snack break. Grace was too interested in eating popcorn to bother taking a picture with a gorilla.

Ready to watch a movie! Look at that little profile... adorable!

Bowling fun! And proof that I was actually there.