Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Sickies

I thought January was the month of the sickies - and it was. But goodness, February beat January hands down! Everyone had on and off colds/coughs and poor Laura got an ear infection and was teething on top of that. For about three straight weeks I was cleaning up snot off of one kid or the other and pumping them both full of medicine. To top it all off we discovered that Laura has quite the gag reflex. All she has to do is start coughing on the gunk running down her throat and the next thing you know, you and your couch and the floor are covered in vomit. It's pretty gross. We all seem to be healthy for the moment *knock on wood* though Laura has a slight runny nose from teething. (These teeth are the teeth from h - e - double hockey sticks. I'm not kidding. They have been bugging her on and off for two months and there are still three that need to come in. And she's a horrible teether. Horrible.)

Poor sick baby. During one particularly horrendous teething/congestion/sickness bout, Laura went on a liquids strike. We couldn't get her to drink a n y t h i n g. We finally were able to get her to drink out of a bottle and she still drinks out of it. My sippy cup kid turned into a bottle baby. Oh yay.

Visiting the Dr! This visit was actually for Laura, but Cayden had a bit of a cough so we kept him covered.

The day before the end of the world. Ok, not the end of the world. More like the end of sanity for both our family and Sienna's. At least the kids had fun before everything went downhill.

We had some good days here and there. On one such day we went and played in the toy department at Target. This is what happens when you leave Daddy with the kids...

I'm hoping for a much less hectic and sickies filled March. And I'm so ready for spring and warm weather. I'm tired of the cold, being stuck indoors, and sick kids!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things

Two of my favorite things from this past week (aside from my cute family)...

Hair clips that keep hair out of Laura's face AND stay in!

Video baby monitors. Best. Idea. Ever. How have I lived without this for so long?! Also, I discovered that Laura is much more amusing when she sleeps than I thought. :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

WARNING: Sugar High Over Here

In preparation for Valentine's Day this week we've been making cupcakes and eating way too much sugar. The kids may or may not be on sugar highs over here from time to time, but at least they're cute. :)

Decorating the cupcakes with sprinkles! Some of them only had one or two and others had whole fistfuls!

The finished cupcakes.

Eating cupcakes is always a messy affair.

Opening a Valentine's Day box from Gma and Gpa Bird.

What's this?!


Kids digging in.

Happy with the loads of candy he gets to eat. Just watch, he's going to be asking for chocolate for breakfast each morning until it's gone.

This girl LOVES chocolate! I wish we had gotten a picture of her with both fists full of chocolate and of her trying to eat the chocolate before it was unwrapped.


Just for kicks... and because they are probably the best Valentine's Day cards I've ever seen. Enjoy!
P.S. Thank you IB History for ruining my life.