Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Small Glimpse

The month of March felt like it flew by. We've been super busy, but have managed to enjoy the on and off warm weather. Hopefully in the near future I'll be more consistent with blogging, but for now you'll just have to deal with a small glimpse of what we've been up to.

This momma of mine had a birthday. She refused to let us put all the candles on her cake. Stink face.

This is how we entertain the baby at church... sticker face!

Laura firmly believed that she was wearing her fire hat correctly. It didn't matter how many people told her it was on backwards, she wore it how she wanted.

 This little dolly had quite the hairdo one day; it looked like she had a fountain of hair spouting out of her head.

Wearing mommy's shoes at church.

First time bike rider! Laura loves the bike she got for her birthday and can't wait to go out and ride it each night after dad gets home.

Enjoying their free ice cream for an FHE treat. All the kids approved.

Swinging and playing ball with Auntie Rachelle. Check out Cayden's face as he catches the ball. Seriously. And yes, it did nail him square in the face.

Cute kids dressed up in their Easter outfits. We dressed up the week before Easter since General Conference falls on Easter this year. I love how cute they all are!

Surprise! We all matched on Sunday thanks to a matching tie and necklace for Chad and I. Thank you Grandma Higgins! I think my family is pretty dang adorable. I know these pictures are nearly identical, but I think Laura is to-die-for-cute in each one and I couldn't choose which I liked better. :)

This little girl is trouble. She thinks it's funny to pull daddy's computer out of his bag, open it up, and play on it.

This is what happens when daddy finds the trouble maker. I wish you could see the big grin on her face and the giggles coming from her. Like I said... trouble.

The most exciting thing we did all month was close on our house! This beauty is all mine! (Minus the majority that the bank owns...) We are doing a little bit of work on it - painting, drywall, carpet cleaning - and expect to move in in just over a week. We are so dang excited!!!

My grandpa passed away a few weeks ago. I drove out with my family for his viewing/funeral while Chad stayed home with the kids. It was a fast and furious trip and I was glad that we didn't have to put the kids through it. We drove to Wyoming on a Sunday morning for the viewing and then stayed in SLC for the night. The funeral was in central Utah and we left right after and got home late Monday night. I spent way more time in the car than I wanted.

The Funeral

 Folding and presenting my grandma with the flag.

Military honor.

Sad to say goodbye to my grandpa.

While mommy was gone...

The kids were all matchy matchy for church. Cute, cute kiddos!

Daddy's lunches are way yummier than mommy's, but not as nutritious. And everyone should clearly eat Cheetos with a fork.

My swinging, sun bathing beauties. Love their sunglasses!

This little girl can't get enough of the swing.

More outside fun. I think my kids literally lived outside while I was gone.

Daddy took the kids to get ice cream and play at a play place. They were so excited!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We started our day by finding gold coins that the Leprechauns left us!

Then we ate green pancakes and eggs for breakfast! Cayden was a little unsure about the color and was really surprised that the pancakes tasted like pancakes and that the eggs tasted like eggs! :)

The girls got festive ribbons for their hair.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Princess Birthday for A Princess

This little dolly turned three today! I love this girl so much I can't stand it! Happy birthday, my Laura girl!

Birthday preparations started the night before with the cake. I absolutely love how her cake turned out! When Laura saw it the next morning she was so excited about her Elsa cake and asked if she could lick it. Goofy girl!

Connor helped with the cake decorating and got in touch with his inner princess. Ha!

The birthday girl bright and early in the morning. She was SO excited that it was her birthday!

Pretty birthday hair for church.

The beginning of the enormous pile of presents. This little girl is totally loved and spoiled!

After a quick wardrobe change (because we just HAD to put on our Sofia the First nightgown/dress!) she jumped right back in and opened more presents.

So excited for a bike!

 While Laura unwrapped presents, Gracie tried to pull the bows off her head as fast as Cayden was putting them on. I don't think she enjoyed the game as much as Cayden did. :)

 Laura was so excited about her cake!

And now, how to blow out the candles on your cake... according to Laura.

Take a big breath.

A really big breath.

And... spit on your cake. Silly, silly girl.