Sunday, January 26, 2014

Grace's Special Day

Last Sunday (the 19th) we blessed Grace in church. My family came from Colorado to be a part of it and we had most of Chad's family as they all live really close. In the circle we had both of Chad's grandpas, both of our dads, Chad's three brothers and Jesseca's husband, Richard. Grace was blessed with many things, but what really stood out to me was that she was going to have a lot of faith, be very trusting, have patience, and strive to find out Heavenly Father's will. What a sweet little girl we have been blessed with! I am so thankful for a wonderful husband who is a worthy priesthood holder and uses it frequently to bless our family.

Pretty girl in her blessing dress. It is the same dress I was blessed in, as was her big sister, Laura.

My side of the family.

Chad's side, minus Steven who was randomly missing.

My little family! This was the best we could do. Between Cayden and Laura someone was always goofing off in the picture. Little stinkers!

Sweet, sleepy smiles.

More smiles! Grace is such a happy baby. And that tongue. Seriously, she's like a lizard. Or a giraffe.

See that tongue?! (Excuse the sleepy smiles, we had just woken up from a nap.)

Daddy and baby.

Love this picture of my mom and Grace!

Proof that it was a long day. Chad and Brian passed out on each other and Laura was out seconds after Grandma started to sing 'I Love to See the Temple.'

Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend Aftermath

One napping at 9am and the other glued to the tablet since mom and dad are playing catch up. (Another post coming shortly as to the weekend events.)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The 'January Blues'

We're all missing the lights, music, atmosphere, and family time that come with the holidays. The kids and I got used to Chad being home all day, every day and were in for a rude awakening once he started back up at school and work. So, in an attempt to get over the 'January Blues' we've been trying to stay busy. (Which with three kids is usually pretty easy to do even without adding in extra stuff.)

The kids have been giving and getting rides in the dump truck. It's seriously big enough for Cayden to even sit in. And no, I don't let them push Grace around in it.

We've been enjoying lots and lots of smiles from this little one. She has yet to laugh, but has gotten pretty close a few times. Love that little smiley face!

Trying on funny masks and hats. I think Laura looks like a bug with Steven's ski helmet and goggles on.

 Sledding with daddy and Grandpa. It was pretty much ice, but Cayden loved it! Laura wasn't a big fan so she hung out in the house with me, Grace, and Grandma. Cayden kept the boys out there until both Chad and Grandpa were done because their bums hurt. I love Cayden's face in every single picture! He was really enjoying himself. And Chad's face in the first picture... ha ha ha!

This little one has been enjoying lots of naps. I love how squishy and cuddly she looks here.