Saturday, January 24, 2009

Le couch. We picked it up this morning with some help from my cousin Jake. It's comfortable (you don't feel bars beneath your bum) and looks great in our living room. I love it!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I've made mistakes teaching before, so messing up in front of the class generally doesn't phase me. However, today I made a mistake that made me want to crawl in a hole and die...

I was teaching about nutrition and was quite excited about what I was saying - when I get excited while talking it is very easy to start talking much faster. But, talking faster often makes me trip over my words (sometimes I put words in the wrong order, other times I switch letters from two different words and come up with new words). Today was no exception. As I was talking I accidentally switched around a few letters and ended up including 'hell' in my sentence. That's right, I said a bad word in front of my class. Oy.

The only thing I noticed at first was that my sentence sounded really weird and that it didn't make any sense. I stopped to think for a second and realized what I had just said. Oops! I was going to blow the whole thing off and act like it didn't happen when I saw the looks on all my kid's faces - big eyes, jaws hitting the ground, you get the idea. Before I knew it the entire class was in an uproar (because apparently it is really funny when the teacher says a bad word). The kids wouldn't leave it alone for the rest of the day.

Maybe if I'm lucky they will forget about it by tomorrow. I'm going to keep wishing. :) I promise I'm a good teacher, really.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Two weeks ago I went into the Student Health Center and had blood drawn for the prenatal labs that my doctor requested. (Any of you that know how I handle needles knows that I barely escaped with my life.) But seriously, it wasn't the most fun thing I've ever done. I didn't pass out this time, but they did make me drink some juice and wait around for a bit because apparently I was really pale. Once I left the lab I thought I was done.

A week later I got a phone call from the lab saying that I needed to come back in because they needed to draw more blood. I was thinking, Right. Definitely not going to happen. I was curious as to why they needed more of my blood and was informed that the hospital my blood was sent to accidentally misplaced some of it and didn't have enough to run all the tests my doctor requested. Are you kidding me?! Something like this would only happen to me. I even asked the lady on the phone if they couldn't just use someone else's blood for the tests... she just laughed.

I reluctantly went back into the lab today and am proud to say that once again I survived getting my blood drawn. What a trooper!

Monday, January 19, 2009

My new mixer in use. :) Thanks mom and dad!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How I Feel

This pretty much sums up how I feel right now... except for the fact that it's hair isn't on fire.

I have been running around like a mad woman today with a billion things to do, teachers throwing things at me left and right, the stupid TWS, and all the normal house keeping things. I'm exhausted. And I have a whole heck of lot to do tonight before I can go to bed. So of course, I'm spending my time wisely and blogging. :)

I love the whole student teaching thing - my kids are hilarious and in a week or so I'll be doing absolutely all the teaching 24/7 (which I am very excited about!) - but, it's literally insane. There's no way I can do everything perfectly and that bugs me. I just need an extra 12 hours in my day and maybe then I could get everything done the way I want.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our New Digs

For all of you who have been waiting for pictures of our new place, here they are!

P.S. If you don't know what 'digs' means, go to, type in 'home' and press search. :)

The living room from our front door.

Living room from the kitchen.

A side view.

Our tiny kitchen. There's plenty of cupboard space, but hardly enough room to turn around in. But, it works. Around the corner to the right is our stove.

The stove. The end.

The hallway.

The storage room/soon to be baby room. Hopefully it is a girl because of the flower wallpaper and pink curtains because if it's not, our boy will be living in a pink room. :)

The other side of the bedroom. It is really small, but will work. We just haven't figured out exactly where we will put the crib.

Le bathroom. The shower is to the left of the picture, directly across from the toilet.

Our bedroom.

The rest of the bedroom. There is a desk in the corner (left side of the picture) and at the foot of the bed is Chad's closet storage.

Monday, January 5, 2009

We have a heartbeat!

Chad and I went to the doctor this afternoon and we got to hear our baby's heartbeat! So cool! It was nice to be able to hear the heartbeat and be reassured that there is actually a baby in there (up until this point it was really easy to think that I was making the whole being pregnant thing up, including the going to the bathroom often, feeling nauseous all the time, etc.). I just found it comforting to actually have proof that there is a baby there. Plus, it made it seem more real. :)

Now I can't wait to find out what we're having. The doctor said that we'll do the ultrasound two visits from now, or around the first week of March. Yay!


In case you really want to scare yourself into thinking that there is something horribly wrong with yourself (baby related or otherwise), go ahead and eat a whole lot of Flamin' Hot Cheetos in one sitting (the lime flavor isn't necessary). Wait approximately 24 hours and then go to the bathroom. I guarantee you will freak out.

Needless to say, I flipped when I went to the bathroom this afternoon and discovered that there was something red in the toilet. Upon investigation I realized that it was simply red coloring and not blood. I am 99% sure that this happened because of the HUGE amount of Flamin' Hot Cheetos I ate yesterday. A word of advice... never eat that many Flamin' Hot Cheetos unless you want a good scare.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

School & Grade :)

I finally found out exactly where I will be student teaching for the 1st block of the semester. I am at Lindon Elementary (only 8 or 9 miles away) and will be in the 6th grade. Yikes! I have to admit I am a little anxious about 6th grade because sixth graders are just so weird. Hormones, cooties, trying to fit in, going through awkward phases... it could be interesting to say the least. My first day in the classroom is this coming Tuesday - five days away. I'm nervous, but also so excited to be back in the classroom!

Student teaching, here I come!

Happy Anniversary #2

Chad and I just celebrated our second anniversary on Monday. It is crazy to think that it has already been two years - they have gone by so fast and yet they are probably the best two years of my life! I can't wait to see what the rest of the years bring!

And now for my trip down memory lane... sorry if this becomes the blog of the century.

I met Chad my first Sunday back after my sophomore year of college. Who saw who first is still something we don't agree on. :) This is how he introduced himself... "Hi, I'm Chad. The kid without a license." (For those of you who don't know that story, ask me later.) Chad spent quite a bit of time at my house that summer. Our first date was bowling. Chad and I made a bet that if he doubled my score I would give him a kiss on the cheek. If you know how I bowl, it isn't too hard to double my score... Chad won and as I went to kiss his cheek he turned his head so that our faces were inches apart. I was so embarrassed. What a punk.

My very first flowers from Chad. My little sister, Rachelle, at first told me they were from a RM in my home ward that wouldn't leave me alone and kinda freaked me out. Yeah, I flipped. Not the funniest joke.

A few of our engagement photos. I think we took them at a park up in Layton, but I could be wrong.

Our wedding day! This is one of the few (like three) temple pictures that we have since there was so much snow and the photographer was snowed in.

We did manage to take some pictures at the reception thanks to a family friend who was willing to "play" photographer.

This picture has nothing to do with me and Chad, but it is one of my favorites from the night. Precious.

Chad and I had a lot of fun the first year exploring Provo and just being married!

We got our first pet together that year... Weechee. Sadly, she is no longer a member of our family. :(

Anniversary #1

The summer after our first year of marriage we moved to California for summer sales!

We had so much fun building sandcastles, digging for sand crabs, going to the temple, visiting Disneyland, and playing at the beach! I even learned to longboard... somewhat.

On my birthday this past year we found out I was pregnant! We are so excited!

Anniversary #2 - I should mention that during the course of our second year of marriage we moved at least six times. I know, disgusting.

There are too many pictures and way too many good memories to included everything that we have done/experienced in our two years of marriage. If I did that then this really would be the blog of the century. :) I am just so grateful that I married Chad and feel lucky that we found each other! Marrying him is one the best things I've ever done in my life! I love you Chad!