Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Guess what... we're moving... again. Surprise, surprise. I honestly should be really excited about moving because it isn't far away (approximately 30 yards south of where we live now) and it is so much nicer. But really, I hate moving. I hate finding a new place for everything, I hate unpacking boxes, I hate lifting heavy furniture, I hate updating my address for everything imaginable. My cousin and sister are coming to help, but that doesn't mean that I have to change my feelings towards moving.

I vaguely remember hearing that moving is a huge stress in life and so I decided to take a stress test. (I should point out that I took the test for Chad and I collectively.) Here are the results:

Your total stress score is 194

If your score totals 150 or more:
You have a 50-50 chance of developing an illness.

If your score totals 300 or more:
You have a 90 percent chance of developing an illness.

So Chad and I have a 50-50 chance of getting an illness. Just what we need. Actually, the test only let you check "change in residence" once and seeing how Chad and I will have moved four times in the past six months I think I should add the other three moves in. Ok, add 60 points to the score...

Our new score is 254! Holy cow. Apparently we have a lot to be stressed about. Oddly enough, we're quite happy and don't feel all that stressed... most of the time anyway. :)

Do you want to know your chances of getting an illness? Here is the link to the test, take it if you want.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Still an adorable couple?

I like to think that Chad and I are cute together. However, after seeing these pictures it is quite possible that I could change my mind. :)

Chad in 1958

Me in 1966

My Cat is an Alien

I have finally obtained proof that Weechee is in fact from another planet... her eyes glow like alien eyes. Plus, she sleeps on top of our kitchen cabinets.

In case you needed more proof that my cat is crazy, here it is.

Our New Apartment

As per the request of several individuals, I have FINALLY decided to post a few pictures of our new apartment. Keep in mind the following: 1) The place was a dump when we moved in; there were small holes all over the walls, the walls were in severe need of painting, the carpet was fraying in places and had lots of stains, and the kitchen cabinets were all sticky from old grease. When I first saw the place I actually cried; 2) The place is still a dump. Lol. Actually it's not nearly as bad once we got our stuff unpacked and into it. Of course we cleaned and all that, but we didn't do any major touch-ups because we are hoping to move into one of the apartments that the complex is currently remodeling.

Just FYI, when you are looking at apartments make sure that they show you the actual apartment you would be moving into. Sometimes the one you see and the one you move into are not up to the same standard. Yeah, it stinks.

The living/family room from the kitchen.

Living/family room from the window. The front door is to the left of the picture.

The kitchen. I am so excited that I finally have a table and chairs and a microwave!

Our bathroom. The toilet makes funny noises; it sounds like a frog. *ribit* *ribit*

Chad's "Man Cave." The window doesn't have any blinds so I have temporarily hung a blanket in their place.

Our bedroom. Despite the carpet I think it is pretty cute!

The other view of the bedroom.

♪♫ Just you wait Henry Higgins, just you wait! ♫♪

Hee hee hee... I just love My Fair Lady! Chad and I were able to go see the play at Pioneer Theater last Wednesday night. We went with Chad's family and had so much fun. It made me really want to go watch the movie (Audrey Hepburn is amazing in it), but seeing as how I do not own it I might have to wait a bit.

Random thought. You know how Eliza sings that Henry Higgins song when she is really mad at Professor Higgins? Well I could substitute Chad's name in Henry's place and sing the song to Chad when I get mad at him. He'd appreciate it, don't you think? ;)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Despain Family Reunion 2008

About three weeks ago Chad and I went to a family reunion for his dad's side of the family. We went up to Heber Valley Girl's Camp and spent a fantastic four days with family! Some of the activities included going to a park in Heber and eating at Dairy Keen (a fantastic hamburger place for those of you who have never been... they also have amazing shakes!), a challenge course with all sorts of crazy team building activities (one of the activities happened to be climbing up a enormous pole, crossing a 1' wide log, and going down a zip line - something I've never done, but will most definitely do again), family games/competitions, and a fort building contest.

I think the worst part of the experience were the cabins. The cabins themselves were actually very nice, but the beds not so much. There were eight bunk beds in each cabin that were made out of plywood. Imagine sleeping on a hard, flat piece of plywood for three nights. That's right, your back would hurt. On top of that, Chad and I forgot to bring enough padding for two beds so we ended up sharing a twin sized bed for those three nights. As much as I love him, not being able to roll over and stretch was quite annoying. That and elbows in the face aren't much fun either.

I took tons and tons of pictures at the family reunion so I will only post my favorites. Enjoy!

Chad and his brothers sitting in the kiddie train outside of Dairy Keen.

On the paddleboats. After paddling for an hour your legs get pretty tired. Chad splashed some of the yucky water on me. Apparently there was some type of gross algae in the water and we were told to keep all body parts out of it. Thanks dear.

Swinging on a rope at the challenge course. This picture reminds me of Tarzan and Jane. :)

Crossing the 1' wide log right before the zip line. Just look at my face, it says it all. So. Stinkin'. Scary.

Chad wasn't scared at all.

The sweet fort we made. We were given a box of newspaper and roll of tape and this is what we came up with... I think it helped that my father-in-law is an engineer. I'll point out that the drawbridge in the front actually flips down.

Ta da!

All the boys played laser tag each night. They loved it and stayed out until 1am most nights.

Of course there was cotton candy and lots of flavors too! Chad was so sticky when he was done. Yuck.

We're back!

That's right... we are back in Utah and finally moved into our own place this past weekend. We had a difficult time finding a place for two reasons: 1) married housing is hard to find in Provo because everyone is married and 2) we have a cat. We actually fell in love with an adorable basement apartment, but when we found out we couldn't keep Weechee I lost it. I cried a lot and then realized that no one was twisting my arm to get the apartment and that we could just wait for something else that would allow a cat. Thankfully, the place we are in allows cats. However, it isn't my favorite place ever, but I'd rather downgrade a bit on an apartment in order to keep my kitty. :)

Chad and I are both back to work; Chad at RadioShack (where he will actually be managing his own store in a few weeks!) and me at DA. Yep. I'm back with the crazy girls and love it! Chad is also going to school full time and I am taking one class for fun. We are excited to be back in Utah and are enjoying "normal" life again.