Monday, June 13, 2016

Fathers & Sons

Chad and Cayden went to Fathers and Sons this past weekend. Cayden had lots of fun as evidenced by the pictures. Despite the fact that they were camping in grass and not dirt, Cayden came home quite dirty and reeking of smoke. While the boys were camping I took my girls to visit Grandma and Grandpa. We all had an enjoyable Friday night.

My cute boys ready to have fun! I have no idea what Cayden is doing with his face.

Having fun on the tire swing.

Playing in the tent...


wagon rides...

and tractor rides...

foam sword battles...

and boy talk.

Enjoying a yummy breakfast!

Laura enjoying her first s'more. Since the boys were enjoying s'mores while camping we decided to make some at home. Excuse the horrible, horrible lighting.

The girls enjoyed their s'mores in pieces too. Grace actually preferred hers this way rather than all together.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bring on Summer!

We've started the summer off right with a lot of fun and a lot of time outside! If it weren't for the fact that it's so dang hot, I think my kids would live outside.

Celebrating National Doughnut Day! I'd be ok if it happened more than once a year. ;)

Our neighbors attempted to explode a watermelon using rubber bands, but gave up when they ran out of rubber bands. Their solution was to chuck it at the ground. Laura was quick to dive in and eat some watermelon.

Running through the sprinklers.

Jumping on the trampoline with sprinklers. So fun!

 The kids are participating in the summer reading program at the library. They had to complete some activities to earn a pin for their lanyards, one of which was dress up like a king or queen and take a picture in front of the castle. Cayden lost the battle as to who got to wear the crowns.

The entire month of June we have swimming lessons scheduled. Cayden and Laura love it! Grace was a little upset that she has to sit on the side and watch. I told her she could take swimming lessons next year.