Thursday, February 25, 2016

This kid.

I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of this little guy! He has spent the last five months working so, so hard on his vision therapy. He has spent nearly everyday doing eye therapy homework (30 minutes+ each day) and has gone to his therapy sessions every Thursday. It has been a huge time and financial commitment. There have been many days where either me or him (or both!) haven't wanted to do it. It has been hard and frustrating and has produced lots of tears. But as of last Thursday he has officially graduated from vision therapy! 

Both his therapist and eye Dr have been very surprised and impressed with how quickly he has made improvements. They originally estimated that he would need 7-8 months of vision therapy, but this rockstar finished it in just over five! We are so happy and proud and overwhelmed and relieved to be done! We know that it took a lot of hard work on Cayden's part, but also know that he has been hugely blessed by our Heavenly Father.

So in celebration of this sweet little guy and all his hard work we went to dinner and let him pick out the Lego set of his choice. (My poor wallet! Haha!) We are so proud! Love him to pieces!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Our Day of Love

We had a pretty great Valentine's Day this year. The kids got valentines and some treat money from Grandma in the mail. We dressed up in pinks and purples to celebrate and I attempted to make a heart in Laura's hair. (Next year I'll do a better prep job and hopefully we'll have more success.)

 Happy Valentine's Day from my little loves!

And just because I stumbled on this the other day... Check out what a difference two years makes?!

Look Ma, no cavities!

So proud of this little girl - her first dentist visit and she did great! The bigger kids did great too (and so did Mom and Dad). No cavities all around! BAM! Take that sugar bugs! :)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Random Round-up

Found this little one laying on the desk. I have no idea what she was doing and she wouldn't tell me. Silly girl.

Minion cupcakes per the kids request. 

Riding our neighbor's 50cc dirt bike. I was a little scared, but secretly enjoyed it. I'd do it again. :)

Enjoying FHE treats.

Grace takes her candy eating very seriously.

Cayden proudly displaying his lightsaber artwork. Can you guess who they all belong to?

Spoiled little girl enjoying backrubs at church. This happens quite frequently.

Cayden at his first grade 'Bugz' performance. It was a cute little play and Cayden did so well with memorizing and reciting his part. He also made a dang cute firefly.