Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Too Young...

One of the bad things about student teaching is realizing that your kids aren't as innocent as you thought they were. For example, today during a writing assignment in which the students were allowed to use markers I discovered one of my boys sniffing the markers. That's right, he was trying to get high off of Crayola markers. And no, they weren't scented. Oy. Aside from the fact that it probably isn't very effective to use Crayola markers, it is really sad to think that a little 9-year-old is already starting down that path. To be completely honest I wasn't all that surprised. This student has an older brother who is a high school dropout and who is into a lot of bad things. Apparently at 9-years-old he is already starting to learn from his brother's example.

After I figured out what the kid was doing I took the markers away from him and banned him from ever using markers in class again (he also won't be getting into rubber cement, permanent markers, dry erase markers, glue, etc.). I tried to not draw any attention to what was going on because I didn't want the rest of the class to see it/wonder what was going on. But seriously, what would you have done in a situation like that?

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