Monday, April 13, 2009

Third Trimester & Easter

I finally made it to my 3rd trimester! I felt like the 2nd trimester lasted forever and never thought I would get to my third. :) We have 12 weeks left to go and can't wait for our baby to finally get here!

Hopefully everyone had a great Easter, I know that we did. Chad and I ended up going to South Jordan and spent the evening with his family. Dinner was delicious and then we dyed eggs and ate candy. So much fun!

Chad decorating Easter eggs. I just noticed that it looks like he is wearing tinted lip gloss.

One of my favorite Easter eggs. :)

All of the eggs we decorated. We're missing one because Chad ended up eating it.

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Jesseca said...

yay! you picked the best name! is that fo sho going to be it?