Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our New Home (Part 2)

A. A pretty water fountain just off of our back porch.
B. Another water thing over by the pool.
C. Just one of many walkways around the complex. It is so pretty!
D. Ok. So Chad and I were walking around and were surprised to see bananas growing so we went to take a picture. Upon getting closer to the tree where the bananas were growing we realized that they were yellow leaves and not bananas. Sad day.
E. The pool from a deck. Very pretty. I think I might just have to go swimming.
F. A random shot of all the trees/green stuff that is growing around the complex. It is so green!
G. A bird of paradise. Pretty.
H. A HUGE flower which I am pretty sure is also a bird of paradise. It was seriously over a foot long!

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