Saturday, May 10, 2008

Life Thus Far

So Chad and I are about a week into our new jobs. I am the Office Manager for the LA area and I am in charge of auditing, scanning, and dealing with paperwork for corporate, bugging sales reps and techs to get their job done, and pretty much everything else that goes along with working in an office. The first few days were really busy. (The office wasn't set up and I had to get the fax, internet, and phone working and I know NOTHING about technology. It was a blast.) However, things have settled down and now I am in the office from about 8:30-1:30/2ish most days. Some days I even get out earlier than that! Hoowah!

Chad is a sales rep and has made 3 sales so far. Not bad for being out a week. The average first-year sales rep only gets 5 sales his first month. So to have 3 in a week is great! We're hoping to eventually get 2-3 sales a day later on. :) He works 11:30-8:30/9ish Monday-Friday and 9-5 on Saturday; essentially our schedules do not match up very well. The only time we have to really go out and play/see the area is on Saturday night. Last Sunday morning Chad and I went for a walk on Venice Beach. It isn't the nicest beach in the area, but when you haven't seen a beach in years anything is good! Here are some pictures from our adventure:

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