Sunday, July 28, 2013

Laura Randomness

I was going through the pictures on our computer and realized that I had a bunch of 'Laura pictures' that I hadn't shared. So, here you go! (And yes, I still have another child named Cayden. I'm still working on taking more pictures of him.)

This is how Laura sometimes watches cartoons. I think it's cute. 

Longboarding with daddy. She really enjoyed it! Check out her tongue in the last picture.

 Not Laura, but our longboarding/bike riding snack. The starbursts had babies!

Our solution to having no hair tie. I put Laura's hair up in a ponytail daily, and she almost always manages to pull it out. Then she spends the rest of the day pushing her hair out of her face. Clearly I need to just start using Duplos since she can't figure out how to pull them out.

Wearing daddy's shirt. Lately Laura loves wearing anything of mine or Chad's. Shoes, shirts, socks - she's always putting them on. Love this picture of my sweet, happy little girl!

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