Monday, July 15, 2013

Colorado: The 4th, A Golden Birthday, Becomming an Old Man, and Other Adventures

We recently got back from a fabulous week in Colorado. It was so fun to see my family (though it was really weird to not have Greg there) and we kept ourselves busy with lots of celebrating and adventures.

The Zoo

We ended up going to the Denver Zoo early in the week. Cayden and Laura both loved it! We got to see a very active tiger - they're one of my favorites - who was not too happy about all the people. If there wouldn't have been glass between him and us I'm sure we would have been his lunch. But the best part of the day had to have been in the monkey house. We had Laura in the stroller sitting in front of a big window where the lemurs were. They were doing their thing up in the tree when one suddenly jumped off the branch, onto the window right in front of Laura, and back to the tree branch. Laura screamed and bailed over the edge of the stroller faster than I've ever seen her move. It was hilarious. I seriously wish I had a video of it. For the rest of the time we spent at the zoo Laura would freak anytime we got near an animal. Those lemurs... they're pretty scary. :)

Stopping for a WAY overpriced ice cream cone. This kid. What a goon. I love that he's wearing Connor's old hat.

Shoulder rides in the new Asian animals area.

Driving a taxi.

After the lemur encounter. Laura wouldn't leave Chad's arms.

Pointing out a bear. She still wasn't too sure of animals at this point and preferred to be far away.

Cayden's Golden Birthday and The 4th

We celebrated this little guy's fourth birthday! I can't believe he is getting so big!

Excited with the loot. Laura totally wanted in on the action and was upset that we wouldn't let her dive right in.

Sweet, sweet boy with his car cupcakes. Love him to pieces even though he usually drives me nuts. He said over and over that day that his birthday was the best day ever! Cutie.

Laura getting in on the fireworks action. The boys enjoyed throwing the 'pop things' at each others feet. Laura just liked throwing them.

Laura wasn't too sure of the sparklers at first, but by the end loved them!

Cayden also loved the sparklers and had to be told over and over to stop stabbing the grass with them. I have no idea what he was trying to accomplish by doing that.

Watching some fountains before bed. The best part of this picture is that both Cayden and Laura are holding their ears because it was so loud.

Becomming an Old Man... Over the Hill... Chad's 30!!!

I can't believe it! This handsome guy is 30! I love teasing him about being an old man, but really we just love him lots!

The birthday present. A grill and all the stuff to go with it. I think Chad's pretty excited about it.

For Chad's birthday my dad said he would take him out for sushi. Um, gross. Mom and I decided to make Chad our version of sushi - fruit roll-ups, nerds, and starburst. We gave it to him and told him here was his sushi so enjoy. Chad was really confused and I think relieved when they actually went and got real sushi.

Chad chose banana splits for his birthday dessert. I decided to add the big black candle. :)


Towards the end of the week we took the kids swimming at the local splash pad. Thanks to the little bit of swimming we've done at the apartment, Cayden dove right in. Laura also had no fear and enjoyed the water. The kids swam for about 2 hours until they were exhausted. They took great naps that afternoon!

Laura's favorite part was playing in the fountains at the splash pad.

Cayden having fun. He ran off and got right in before we could stop him.

Other Adventures

Auntie Rachelle, Grandma, and I took the kids to the park while the boys drove up to Wyoming to buy fireworks. Laura loved this slide and went down it over and over and over.

Cayden found this ridiculous alligator/dinosaur hat down in the toy bucket. He literally wore it around all week and looked like a goober. I love his wide-eyed expression here. I have no idea what he was doing.

The kids loved playing on Grandma's piano. I can't say it was all that beautiful, but is sure kept them entertained. I secretly enjoyed it too. It was so fun to just sit down and play. I'm a bit rusty, but still have it. Someday I'll have a piano. *fingers crossed*

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Carly Higgins said...

Chad! I will gladly get sushi with you! Sushi rocks! But seriously...the kids are adorable!