Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This is like magic. It cleaned out my drain. The same drain Chad and I have been trying to unclog for months... Next time I'll know what to use.

This got stuck in Cayden's leg yesterday. Poor little guy. It almost made me cry. Thankfully he has only been a little fussy; he is responding a lot better than I thought.

This is the time that Cayden has been getting up the past few nights. He also seems to think it is funny to stay up for at least an hour and a half. I happen to think otherwise.

This is what Cayden and I will be getting on in a few weeks (Sunday, October 11th to be exact) to go visit my family. So. Excited. Too bad Chad can't come with us. Darn school and work. :(

These got pulled out of storage the other day. I love fall!

This has taken up residence outside of Cayden's window. Hopefully it doesn't find its way inside.

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Jesseca said...

thats good you didnt pass out when your baby got a shot like you do when you get one... good job. :)