Thursday, January 22, 2009


I've made mistakes teaching before, so messing up in front of the class generally doesn't phase me. However, today I made a mistake that made me want to crawl in a hole and die...

I was teaching about nutrition and was quite excited about what I was saying - when I get excited while talking it is very easy to start talking much faster. But, talking faster often makes me trip over my words (sometimes I put words in the wrong order, other times I switch letters from two different words and come up with new words). Today was no exception. As I was talking I accidentally switched around a few letters and ended up including 'hell' in my sentence. That's right, I said a bad word in front of my class. Oy.

The only thing I noticed at first was that my sentence sounded really weird and that it didn't make any sense. I stopped to think for a second and realized what I had just said. Oops! I was going to blow the whole thing off and act like it didn't happen when I saw the looks on all my kid's faces - big eyes, jaws hitting the ground, you get the idea. Before I knew it the entire class was in an uproar (because apparently it is really funny when the teacher says a bad word). The kids wouldn't leave it alone for the rest of the day.

Maybe if I'm lucky they will forget about it by tomorrow. I'm going to keep wishing. :) I promise I'm a good teacher, really.


Krysta said...

That's kind of cute that the children thought it was funny. I wonder what they told their parents tonight? lol.

Jackie said...

I did that yesterday, too! I was talking with a coworker and somehow the word popped out accidentally. Funny stuff. Congrats on the little one - you'll be a great mom!