Monday, July 7, 2008

Guess who's...


That's right, my hubby is a quarter of a century old! His birthday was actually on Sunday so we went out for his birthday dinner on Friday. He chose to go to Red Lobster since he loves seafood and I never ever cook anything seafood related for dinner; fish just kinda freak me out.

We both enjoyed the evening and were extremely full by the time we left. :) Sidenote: this picture shows my new haircut. The cut is pretty much the same, but the length is about 5" shorter. *GASP* Sadness.

We celebrated on Sunday with presents, birthday cake, and ice cream.

Chad received 2 12-packs of Mountain Dew as well as Mountain Dew cups to drink the Mountain Dew with. (That boy and MD... I don't think I will ever understand.) He also got Coldplay's newest CD and renewed his BMWCCA membership. He was quite a happy camper.

Here is Chad with his fantastic German Chocolate cake that I made! It was very delicious! I cheated this year and bought the number candles because I didn't want to light 25 single candles for two reasons: 1) it would have taken a while to light all those candles and 2) I didn't want wax all over the cake which most surely would have been there after lighting 25 candles.

It was a fantastic day and we enjoyed celebrating his birthday together!

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Maryam said...

Ha ha! I won't cook fish either! Rob doesn't like it anyway...but the other year I pulled a fast one on him and make him take me to Red Lobster for my B-day dinner. Ha!