Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I cleaned the bathroom today. As I was sweeping the floor I noticed the broom getting wet (the bottom of the bristles were wet and everything was sticking to them). I leaned down to investigate and smelled something weird. Now I'm not 100% sure what kitty pee smells like, but I am pretty sure that I had swept my broom through a puddle of kitty pee. I'm not sure how or why Weechee decided to pee on the bathroom floor; she is litter box trained and hasn't gone to the bathroom anywhere aside from the litter box since we got her fixed.


Wouldn't you think it was kitty pee if you found a funny smelling puddle on the bathroom floor? Especially if it was right next to the litter box? Gross. Just plain gross.

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Maryam said...

Don't blame your kitty. I think it was Chad wee wee on the floor. Bad kitty.