Monday, June 30, 2014

Goodbye. Good Riddance.

It seems like we have spent the majority of this month cooped up inside with one sick kid or another. But seriously, it's June. You're not suppose to get sick in the summer. The poor kids are going stir crazy (I'll admit that I am too) and in response to "Can we go swimming?" the answer lately has been "No, _____ is sick."

So here we are, the last day of the month of June. Goodbye and good riddance. I pray we don't have another repeat of you anytime in the near future. However, despite how lame the majority of June was, we still managed to have some fun.

Since we've been inside a lot I've tried to come up with fun things for the kids to do. I dyed some noodles different colors and the kids love them. We've made noodle necklaces and noodle art.

I escaped with Laura one weekend and we made dragons at a Lowe's Build and Grow clinic. I was reminded of why I always send Chad to these things. I had to tear apart the first dragon because I built it wrong and somehow still managed to build the second dragon wrong as well. Like I said, Chad will be covering all building activities in the future.

One perk to being stuck inside is that we've really mastered potty training. Laura completed both a "Poo" chart and a "Dry" chart. She's finally got it down and is now working on her final "No Accidents" chart. So proud of this girl of mine.

I'll be honest. Being stuck inside has led to lots and lots of movies. Don't ask me why they are both nakey. I'd like to think it was right before a bath. Good thing they are so dang cute. :)

We did manage to go swimming once at the beginning of the month before everyone got sick. Love these pictures of my two fearless water babies.

 Bundled up babe. This girl will swim and swim until her lips turn blue and she is shaking from head to toe. Then and only then is she willing to leave the pool.

While this kid is still pretty timid around water (at least compared to my girls) he has made huge improvements. He will now swim on his own as long as he has a floatie or water wings on. He also willingly holds his breath and sticks his head and face into the water. It doesn't last very long, but he does it. This is huge guys.

 Here is another one of our indoor activities that corresponded with FHE. We learned about following the Prophet and Noah's Ark. We built our own ark and found that we are master ark builders because our ark floated! The kids loved doing this and keep asking to build more arks. Ha ha ha.

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