Sunday, June 2, 2013

Splash Pad Party!

Just over a week ago the outdoor mall near our house had a Splash Pad Party to celebrate the turning on of their splash pad. They had blow up bounce houses and water slides, games, treats, and of course, the splash pad for everyone to enjoy. I took the kids down with Kenzi and her kids and let them have at it!

Cute kids playing in the splash pad. The mall did a countdown to the turning on of the splash pad and dropped a ton of beach balls from a net high in the air. While there were many, many balls there were way more kids. I had to run into the spraying water to snag two balls for the kids to play with.

LOVE those chubby baby legs!

In the line of fire, but loving it! I thought Laura would be a little timid around the water, but she totally surprised me. She jumped right in and didn't care how wet or cold she got.

My little fashionista wearing my sunglasses. She wears them any chance she gets.

Wearing her flower balloon hat. I wanted a picture of Laura with her hat and Cayden with his sword together, but he was off fighting who knows what. :)

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