Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cayden Quotes & Laura Pictures

Cayden says the funniest things! Here are some of my recent favorites that I don't want to forget...

(In the car.)

To roll down his window: "Roll up my window down."
To roll up his window: "Roll down my window up."


(We've been talking about the Holy Ghost during our scripture reading the past week. To simplify it for Cayden we told him that the Holy Ghost is our friend and can help us make good decisions.)

Cayden: (with a blanket on his head and in a scary ghost voice) "Ooooooo! My the Holy Ghost!"
Me: "What are you doing Cayden?"
Cayden: "My the Holy Ghost and you'll do what my tell you!"

This really shouldn't have been as funny as it was. We want Cayden to be respectful of religious things, but it was hilarious! I seriously couldn't help but laugh!


(In trying to convince Cayden that he needs to go in the big boy potty instead of a diaper we compared his poo to Laura's... Laura has baby poop and Cayden has man poop. Babies go in diapers, big boys go in the potty.)

Cayden during every poopy diaper change: (said in the most enthusiastic, but disgusted voice) "My has man poop!"

*** *** ***

And since I can't have a post without pictures, here are some recent pictures of Laura for Grandma. :)

Listening to some sweet music! Love the finger in her mouth.

"Back off buddy! It's mine." At church with Cayden's cup. She is starting to grab and lick everything.

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