Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Laura's Blessing

During our crazy Colorado trip we managed to squeeze in Laura's blessing on Sunday. Laura was a little fussy beforehand so I was a bit nervous for the actual blessing, but she was great! Chad gave her such a sweet blessing! We have been blessed with such a precious and special little girl and she is loved by so many (not only us, but by her Heavenly Father too). I cannot wait to see her personality develop and to watch her grow up and see all that she accomplishes with her life. Love her. P.S. Laura was blessed in the same dress that I was blessed in 26 years ago. Kinda fun. :)

Pretty little girl.

My cute little family!

 This one just makes me laugh! While we were taking pictures a crazy lady (like seriously nuts) came running over from across the street and was blabbing about something. We really had no idea what and I think this picture captures our thoughts on what was going on perfectly. Even Cayden looks confused. Lol.

My grandparents were able to be there for Laura's blessing which was special because they weren't able to make it to Cayden's. Love them.

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Krysta said...

I have a few photos of Laura in her dress that you should have. I need to get them off my camera and get them to you soon. lol.