Wednesday, June 20, 2012

He Remembered

The Provo Towne Center has this cute little train that drives around the mall that you buy tickets for and can ride in. We don't make it to that mall very often because it is much further from us than the University Mall, but this past weekend we made a trip down there. Several, several months ago we were at the Provo Towne Center when Cayden first saw the train and was dying to ride in it. Not having any cash on us and being extremely busy I told him that he could ride it the next time we saw it. Fast forward almost 6 months to this past weekend. We pulled up to the mall (we hadn't even gotten out of the car yet) and Cayden got so excited and exclaimed, "Let's buy a ticket mom and go ride the train!" I turned to Chad... Seriously?! Almost half a year later and the kid remembers that I told him he could ride the train. What could I do except buy my little boy a train ticket?!

Cayden picked the blue "Thomas the Train" car.

"Bye mom and dad!" He was so excited to ride!

Off he went. I made Chad follow along behind the train to make sure Cayden was ok since we didn't ride with him.

Cayden rode the whole way with his little hands hanging onto the windowsill. He just looked and looked at everything with a permanent smile on his face. Cute boy.

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