Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I went to the Dr this morning for my weekly appointment and he informed me of the following information:

* I am dilated to a 1
* My cervix is soft, but not soft enough
* The baby's head has dropped a little, but still has a ways to go

He then said if he were a gambling man he would bet that I would be back in his office next Tuesday. *hugh sigh* That being said, I am wondering if this little change is progress at all. I guess I was hoping for more because I am so ready for this little boy to get here. I'm so tired of being pregnant; I feel like I've been pregnant forever. And I still have three weeks left! I've been trying to tell myself all day that even a little change is good, but I don't think I'm succeeding.

The Dr said at this rate the baby seems to be right on schedule for July 5th. Countdown... 19 days...

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