Monday, October 19, 2015

Playing, Halloween Fun, and Hiking

Cutie girl playing with Grandma.

Seriously amazing. I can't help but laugh each time I look at these pictures. And his face. Hahahahahahaha! (Seriously, blow this picture up and check out his face.)

Our monster door. We rock.

Chad being silly with gummy eyeballs.

Gracie + highlighter = makeup?
This girl. *sigh* She is totally a tornado. 

We went hiking with Chad's family in Castlewood Canyon while they were here visiting. It was surprisingly easy - either that or I'm just in dang good shape ;) - and gorgeous! We ended up hiking about two miles (much more than we anticipated) and the kids did great. Cayden walked the whole way, Laura at least 3/4 of the way, and Gracie at least half. That's a lot of walking for such little legs! 

The whole family.

 Gracie did so well! She walked pretty far for such an itty bitty.

Kiddos playing on the trail.

Looking at the water. It was too cold to play in so this was as close as they could get. And Laura... what's with the face?

Little stinker scooting closer to the water.

Leave it to Laura to have to go to the bathroom with no sign of a restroom anywhere. Little girl had her first experience peeing in the weeds. I had to sneak a peek. :)

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