Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gym Class

Since the end of September Cayden has been going to gym class every Friday. I'm not actively trying to teach Cayden gymnastics, but it has been helpful in teaching him to listen and follow directions and it has helped him become more confident. A few weeks ago the kids did a mid-season showcase to show off some of the things they have been learning the past few months. Cayden was quite the ham and still thinks he needs to say 'TA DA!' after he does something.

Coming out of a roll.

Using the springboard to jump onto the foam blocks. Now the kids are working on jumping and landing on their feet instead of their knees.

Doing flips on the high bar. Cayden never would have done something like this four months ago.

My little monkey. Cayden tries to do lots of flips and things at home now.

More flips.

Being a goof on his favorite thing at the gym. Cayden loves the rings and would spend all day playing on them if he could.

Being a cheeser and posing for Mom.

Playing on his second favorite thing at the gym, the air mat.

While Cayden was showing off his mad skills, Laura had fun crawling around and getting into mischief. She wanted to do everything the big kids were doing. Maybe when she gets a bit older I'll have to enroll her in a gym class. :)

Laura was sitting on the air mat as it filled up. She thought it was pretty cool.

Crawling around on the floor while watching the kids.

Trying to climb back on the air mat.

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